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DHeritage17 * *Advances in Digital Cultural Heritage
* 4D Modelling in Cultural Heritage
* Application of Multisensory Technology for Resolution of Problems in the Field of Research and Preservation of Cultural Heritage
* Application to Improve Smart Heritage City Experience, An
* Designing Postdigital Curators: Establishing an Interdisciplinary Games and Mixed Reality Cultural Heritage Network
* Digital Survey and Documentation of La Habana Vieja in Cuba
* Dissemination of Intangible Cultural Heritage Using a Multi-agent Virtual World
* Interactive Gallery: Enhance Social Interaction for Elders by Story Sharing
* Interactive Lapidarium: Opportunities for Research and Training
* Knowledge Based Optimal Recommendation of Spatial Technologies for Documentation of Buildings
* Map Portal as a Tool to Share Information on Cultural Heritage Illustrated by the National Heritage Board Geoportal
* New Horizon of Digitization in Serbia: Improvement of Digitization Through Cooperation with Leading World Institutions and the In-House Development of Digital Tools
* Ontologizing the Heritage Building Domain
* PLUGGY: A Pluggable Social Platform for Cultural Heritage Awareness and Participation
* Preparing Student Mobility Through a VR Application for Cultural Education
* Tour in the Archaeological Site of Choirokoitia Using Virtual Reality: A Learning Performance and Interest Generation Assessment, A
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the Multi Temporal Mapping Results of the Dispilio Lakeside Prehistoric Settlement
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