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DTCE12 * *Workshop on Detection and Tracking in Challenging Environments
* Colour Descriptors for Tracking in Spatial Augmented Reality
* Combining Fast Extracted Edge Descriptors and Feature Sharing for Rapid Object Detection
* Covariance Descriptor Multiple Object Tracking and Re-identification with Colorspace Evaluation
* Disagreement-Based Multi-system Tracking
* Framework for Inter-camera Association of Multi-target Trajectories by Invariant Target Models, A
* Iterative Hypothesis Testing for Multi-object Tracking with Noisy/Missing Appearance Features
* Monocular Pedestrian Tracking from a Moving Vehicle
* Motion Segmentation by Velocity Clustering with Estimation of Subspace Dimension
* Novel Adaptive Eye Detection and Tracking for Challenging Lighting Conditions
* Object Tracking across Non-overlapping Cameras Using Adaptive Models
* Obstacles Extraction Using a Moving Camera
* Robust Particle Tracker via Markov Chain Monte Carlo Posterior Sampling, A
* Scene Text Detection and Tracking for a Camera-Equipped Wearable Reading Assistant for the Blind
* Tracking the Untrackable: How to Track When Your Object Is Featureless
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