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* Adaptive Video Watermarking Utilizing Video Characteristics in 3D-DCT Domain
* Analysis and Comparison of Typical Reversible Watermarking Methods
* Analysis of Optimal Search Interval for Estimation of Modified Quantization Step Size in Quantization-Based Audio Watermark Detection
* Attack on JPEG2000 Steganography Using LRCA
* Capacity Enhancement of Compressed Domain Watermarking Channel Using Duo-binary Coding
* Category Attack for LSB Steganalysis of JPEG Images
* Colorization Based Animation Broadcast System with Traitor Tracing Capability, A
* Data Hiding in Film Grain
* Desynchronization in Compression Process for Collusion Resilient Video Fingerprint
* Detection of Image Splicing Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform and Moments of Characteristic Functions with Wavelet Decomposition
* Error Resilient Image Authentication Using Feature Statistical and Spatial Properties
* Geometric Invariant Domain for Image Watermarking
* Improved Differential Energy Watermarking for Embedding Watermark
* Intellectual Property Rights Management Using Combination Encryption in MPEG-4
* Joint Screening Halftoning and Visual Cryptography for Image Protection
* Lossless Data Hiding Using Histogram Shifting Method Based on Integer Wavelets
* Low-Cost Attack on Branch-Based Software Watermarking Schemes, A
* Multi Bit Plane Image Steganography
* New Multi-set Modulation Technique for Increasing Hiding Capacity of Binary Watermark for Print and Scan Processes, A
* Novel Multibit Watermarking Scheme Combining Spread Spectrum and Quantization, A
* Reversible Watermarking Based on Histogram Shifting, A
* Reversible Watermarking for Error Diffused Halftone Images Using Statistical Features
* Robust Audio Watermarking Based on Low-Order Zernike Moments
* Robust Video Watermarking Scheme Via Temporal Segmentation and Middle Frequency Component Adaptive Modification, A
* Rotation-Invariant Secure Image Watermarking Algorithm Incorporating Steerable Pyramid Transform, A
* Scalable Protection and Access Control in Full Scalable Video Coding
* Secure Quantization Index Modulation Watermark Detection
* Secure Watermark Embedding Through Partial Encryption
* Steganalysis in the Presence of Weak Cryptography and Encoding
* Steganalysis Using High-Dimensional Features Derived from Co-occurrence Matrix and Class-Wise Non-Principal Components Analysis (CNPCA)
* Towards Lower Bounds on Embedding Distortion in Information Hiding
* Universal JPEG Steganalysis in the Compressed Frequency Domain
* Watermarking for 3D Keyframe Animation Based on Geometry and Interpolator
* Watermarking Is Not Cryptography
* Wavelet Analysis Based Blind Watermarking for 3-D Surface Meshes
* Wavelet Domain Print-Scan and JPEG Resilient Data Hiding Method
* Wavelet-Based Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Secure Image Authentication, A
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