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EDL-AI20 * *Explainable Deep Learning/AI
* Ai Explainability. A Bridge Between Machine Vision and Natural Language Processing
* Anchors vs Attention: Comparing XAI on a Real-life Use Case
* Deep Learning for Astrophysics, Understanding the Impact of Attention on Variability Induced by Parameter Initialization
* Evaluation of Interpretable Association Rule Mining Methods on Time-series in the Maritime Domain
* Expert Level Evaluations for Explainable Ai (XAI) Methods in the Medical Domain
* Explainable 3D-CNN for Multiple Sclerosis Patients Stratification
* Explaining How Deep Neural Networks Forget by Deep Visualization
* Explanation-driven Characterization of Android Ransomware
* General Approach to Compute the Relevance of Middle-level Input Features, A
* Impact of Activation Sparsity on Overfitting in Convolutional Neural Networks, The
* Jointly Optimize Positive and Negative Saliencies for Black Box Classifiers
* Low Dimensional Visual Attributes: An Interpretable Image Encoding
* Multi-layered Approach for Tailored Black-box Explanations, A
* Post-hoc Explanation Options for XAI in Deep Learning: The Insight Centre for Data Analytics Perspective
* Random Forest Model and Sample Explainer for Non-experts in Machine Learning: Two Case Studies
* Recursive Division of Image for Explanation of Shallow CNN Models
* Reliability of explainable Artificial Intelligence in Adversarial Perturbation Scenarios
* Remove to Improve?
* Samples Classification Analysis Across DNN Layers with Fractal Curves
* Visualizing the Effect of Semantic Classes in the Attribution of Scene Recognition Models
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