Journals starting with exsy

ExSys( Vol No. ) * *International Journal of Expert Systems

ExSys(8) * PIC1: A Visual Database Interface

ExSysApp( Vol No. ) * *Expert Systems with Applications

ExSysApp(12) * Learning Symbolic Descriptions of Shape for Object Recognition in X-Ray Images

ExSysApp(14) * 2-D Object Recognition by Indexing Through a Modified ART-2 Neural-Network
* 2-Step Approach to Satellite Image Classification Using Fuzzy Neural Networks and the ID3 Learning Algorithm, A
* Robust Filters for Low-Level Vision
* Synthesis of Solid Models of Polyhedra from Their Orthogonal Views Using Logical Representations

ExSysApp(33) * application of one-class support vector machines in content-based image retrieval, An

ExSysApp(34) * Automatic tropical cyclone eye fix using genetic algorithm

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