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EyeTrack19 * *Eye Tracking for VR and AR
* Assessment of Shift-Invariant CNN Gaze Mappings for PS-OG Eye Movement Sensors
* D-ID-Net: Two-Stage Domain and Identity Learning for Identity-Preserving Image Generation From Semantic Segmentation
* Eye Semantic Segmentation with A Lightweight Model
* Eye-MMS: Miniature Multi-Scale Segmentation Network of Key Eye-Regions in Embedded Applications
* EyeNet: A Multi-Task Deep Network for Off-Axis Eye Gaze Estimation
* EyeNet: Attention Based Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Network for Eye Region Segmentation
* MinENet: A Dilated CNN for Semantic Segmentation of Eye Features
* RITnet: Real-time Semantic Segmentation of the Eye for Gaze Tracking
* U2Eyes: A Binocular Dataset for Eye Tracking and Gaze Estimation
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EyeTrack21 * *Eye Tracking for VR and AR
* Simple baselines can fool 360 saliency metrics

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