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FAPER20 * *Workshop on Fine Art Pattern Extraction and Recognition
* Analysis of the Transfer Learning of Convolutional Neural Networks for Artistic Images, An
* Attention-based Multi-Modal Emotion Recognition from Art
* Automatic Chain Line Segmentation in Historical Prints
* Brief Overview of Deep Learning Approaches to Pattern Extraction and Recognition in Paintings and Drawings, A
* Color Space Exploration of Paintings Using a Novel Probabilistic Divergence
* Documenting the State of Preservation of Historical Stone Sculptures in Three Dimensions with Digital Tools
* From Fully Supervised to Blind Digital Anastylosis on Dafne Dataset
* Handwriting Classification for the Analysis of Art-historical Documents
* Iconographic Image Captioning for Artworks
* Identifying Centres of Interest in Paintings Using Alignment and Edge Detection
* Insights from a Large-scale Database of Material Depictions in Paintings
* Machines Learning for Mixed Reality
* Restoration and Enhancement of Historical Stereo Photos Through Optical Flow
* Semantic Analysis of Cultural Heritage Data: Aligning Paintings and Descriptions in Art-historic Collections
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