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IEE-ICIP86 * Recognizing Objects Using Surface Information and Object Models

IEE-P * *IEE Proceedings

IEE-P(110) * Two Channel Method for Compressing Bandwidth of Television Signals

IEE-P(B: 104) * Bandwidth Compression of a Television Signal

IEE-P(B: 105) * Coder for Halving the Bandwidth of Signals, A

IEE-P(B: 106) * System for the Automatic Recognition of Patterns, A

IEE-P(B: 108) * Television Bandwidth Compression by Contour Interpolation

IEE-P(B: 109) * Tests of Three Systems of Bandwidth Compression of Television Signals

IEE-P(B: 110) * Visibility of Small Luminance Perturbations in Television Displays

IEE-P(CDT 142) * Spatial Bounding of Complex CSG Objects

IEE-P(E: 131) * Quad Encoded Display

IEE-P(E: 135) * Application of the Generalized Hough Transform to Corner Detection

IEE-P(E: 137) * Distributive Implementation of Relational Operations

IEE-P(Electronics Letters 39) * Fuzzy-Based Multiscale Edge Detection

IEE-P(F: 134) * Combinatorial Problems in Multitarget Tracking: A Comprehensive Survey

IEE-P(F: 138) * CFAR Detection of Fluctuating Targets in Spatially Correlated K-Distribution Clutter

IEE-P(F: 139) * Theory and design of interferometric synthetic aperture radars

IEE-P(I: 137) * Image Enhancement and Analysis with Reaction-Diffusion Paradigm

IEE-P(I: 140) * Optimal Convolution Filters and an Algorithm for the Detection of Wide Linear Features
* Recognition of Polyhedral Objects Using Triangle Pair Features

IEE-P(III: 100) * Some possibilities for the Compression of Television Signals by Recording

IEE-P(Meas: 145) * Single camera three-dimensional endoscope system using a ferroelectric liquid crystal device

IEE-P(RSN: 148) * Maximum likelihood approach to the detection of changes between multitemporal SAR images

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