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IMEV14 * *International Workshop on Intelligent Mobile and Egocentric Vision
* 3D Line Segment Based Model Generation by RGB-D Camera for Camera Pose Estimation
* 3D Reconstruction with Automatic Foreground Segmentation from Multi-view Images Acquired from a Mobile Device
* Accelerating Local Feature Extraction Using Two Stage Feature Selection and Partial Gradient Computation
* Activity Recognition in Egocentric Life-Logging Videos
* Collaborative Mobile 3D Reconstruction of Urban Scenes
* Estimation of 3-D Foot Parameters Using Hand-Held RGB-D Camera
* Hybrid Feature and Template Based Tracking for Augmented Reality Application
* Integrated Vehicle and Lane Detection with Distance Estimation
* Interactive RGB-D SLAM on Mobile Devices
* Lifelog Scene Change Detection Using Cascades of Audio and Video Detectors
* Mobile Augmented Reality Framework for Post-stroke Patient Rehabilitation, A
* Wearable Face Recognition System on Google Glass for Assisting Social Interactions, A
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