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JRobS( Vol No. ) * *Journal of Robotic Systems

JRobS(12) * CAD-Based Off-Line Planning for Active Vision

JRobS(13) * Adaptive Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for a Robot with a Large Degree of Redundancy
* Global Performance Evaluation of Image Features for Visual Servo Control
* Vision Resolvability for Visually Servoed Manipulation

JRobS(14) * Mobile Root Positioning: Sensors and Techniques
* On-Range Sensor Feedback for Mobile Robot Docking within Prescribed Posture Tolerances

JRobS(15) * Straight-Line Motion Control for Autonomous Land Vehicles Using ID Image-Processing Techniques
* Tracking Features with Camera Maneuvering for Vision-Based Navigation

JRobS(2) * Three-Dimensional Surface Measurement by Space Encoding Range Imaging

JRobS(8) * 3-D Curve Matching Using Splines

JRobS(9) * Passive Navigation in a Partially Known Environment

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