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LNLA09 * *Local and Non-Local Approximation in Image Processing
* Anti-aliasing filtering of 2D images for multi-view auto-stereoscopic displays
* Context based super resolution image reconstruction
* Coupled multi-frame super-resolution with diffusive motion model and total variation regularization
* Cross-color BM3D filtering of noisy raw data
* Design of orthogonal transforms based on partition of unity method and their application to image compression
* Doppler radar signatures analysis by using joint bispectrum-based time-frequency distributions
* Efficient design of a low redundant Discrete Shearlet Transform
* Entropic segmentation by region growing and merging for drop shape analysis
* High capacity reversible data hiding based on histogram shifting and non-local means
* Imaging without optics: Optics-less smart sensors
* Lossy compression of images corrupted by mixed Poisson and additive Gaussian noise
* Methods for local phase quantization in blur-insensitive image analysis
* Natural image statistics: Energy-based models estimated by score matching
* Noise variance estimation in nonlocal transform domain
* Nonlocal image deblurring: Variational formulation with nonlocal collaborative L0-norm prior
* Normalized Cross-Correlation using SOFT
* note on multi-image denoising, A
* On the inversion of the Anscombe transformation in low-count Poisson image denoising
* Quality assessment measure based on image structural properties
* Red eye detection using color and shape
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