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MLCSA20 * *Machine Learning and Computing for Visual Semantic Analysis
* 3d Semantic Segmentation for Large-scale Scene Understanding
* Adnet: Temporal Anomaly Detection in Surveillance Videos
* Bdsl36: A Dataset for Bangladeshi Sign Letters Recognition
* Cell Detection and Segmentation in Microscopy Images with Improved Mask R-CNN
* Densely Annotated Photorealistic Virtual Dataset Generation for Abnormal Event Detection
* Framework for Jointly Training GAN with Person Re-identification Model, A
* From Coarse to Fine: Hierarchical Structure-aware Video Summarization
* G-GCSN: Global Graph Convolution Shrinkage Network for Emotion Perception from Gait
* Interpretable Attention Guided Network for Fine-grained Visual Classification
* Parallel-connected Residual Channel Attention Network for Remote Sensing Image Super-resolution
* Soft Pseudo-labeling Semi-supervised Learning Applied to Fine-grained Visual Classification
* Spatial and Channel Attention Modulated Network for Medical Image Segmentation
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Re-identification with Feature Adversarial Learning and Self-similarity Clustering
* Unsupervised Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Fusion with Deep Spatial and Spectral Priors
* Use of Frequency Domain for Complexity Reduction of Convolutional Neural Networks
* Weakly Supervised Convolutional Network for Change Segmentation and Classification, A
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