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PRAConBE20 * *Pattern Recognition and Automation in Construction and the Built Environment
* Augmented Reality-based Remote Collaboration Platform for Worker Assistance, An
* Automatic Mep Component Detection with Deep Learning
* Clutter Slices Approach for Identification-on-the-fly of Indoor Spaces
* Demand Flexibility Estimation Based on Habitual Behaviour and Motif Detection
* Image Segmentation of Bricks in Masonry Wall Using a Fusion of Machine Learning Algorithms
* Mixed Reality-based Dataset Generation for Learning-based Scan-to-BIM
* Road Tracking in Semi-structured Environments Using Spatial Distribution of Lidar Data
* Salient Object Detection with Pretrained Deeplab and k-means: Application to Uav-captured Building Imagery
* Sentinel-2 and Spot-7 Images in Machine Learning Frameworks for Super-resolution
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