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Purdue * *Purdue University
* 3D-POLY: A Robot Vision System for Recognizing Objects in Occluded Environments
* Computer Image Segmentation: First Partitions Using Shared Near Neighbor Clustering
* Computer Image Segmentation: Structured Merge Strategies
* Computer Image Segmentation: Structured Merge Strategies
* Decision-Theoretic Approach to Edge Detection, A
* Depth Perception for Robots
* Image Segmentation by a Syntactic Method
* Pattern Recognition by Fourier Shape Descriptor
* Phase Unwrapping with Applications to Stability and Picture Deblurring
* Purdue Annual Report for Nov 1976- Jan 1977
* Sensors for Intelligent Robots
* Shape Information Extraction
* Shape Recognition: A Landmark-Based Approach
* Some Observations on the Human Visual Perception System and their Relevance to Computer Vision Research
* Statistical Pattern Recognition Using Contextual Information
* Syntactic Algorithms for Image Segmentation and a Special Computer Architecture for Image Processing
* Syntactic Shape Recognition
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