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TCS( Vol No. ) * *Theoretical Computer Science

TCS(131) * Dynamic Dictionary Matching with Failure Functions

TCS(136) * Quadtree Algorithm for Template Matching on a Pyramid Computer, A

TCS(140) * Simplified Design Strategy for Mapping Image Processing Algorithms on a SIMD Torus, A

TCS(154) * Multiple Matching of Parameterized Patterns

TCS(22) * Optimal Off-Line Detection of Repetitions in a String

TCS(24) * On a Relationship Between Graph L-Systems and Picture Languages
* Toward an Abstract Theory of Data Compression

TCS(337) * survey on tree edit distance and related problems, A

TCS(7) * Finding the Intersection of Two Convex Polyhedra

TCS(A: 154) * Two Linear Time Union-Find Strategies for Image Processing

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