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VAQuality22 * *Video/Audio Quality in Computer Vision
* Depth Completion Auto-Encoder
* DILIE: Deep Internal Learning for Image Enhancement
* FaceQvec: Vector Quality Assessment for Face Biometrics based on ISO Compliance
* Image Quality Assessment using Synthetic Images
* Improved EDVR Model for Robust and Efficient Video Super-Resolution
* No-Reference model for Detecting Audio Artifacts using Pretrained Audio Neural Networks, A
* RainGAN: Unsupervised Raindrop Removal via Decomposition and Composition
* SAPNet: Segmentation-Aware Progressive Network for Perceptual Contrastive Deraining
* Subjective Quality Assessment of User-Generated Content Gaming Videos
* Task Adaptive Network for Image Restoration with Combined Degradation Factors
* Uncertainty Quantification using Variational Inference for Biomedical Image Segmentation
* Utilizing Network Features to Detect Erroneous Inputs
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VAQuality23 * *Video/Audio Quality in Computer Vision
* Accelerating AI using next-generation hardware: Possibilities and challenges with analog in-memory computing
* BAPose: Bottom-Up Pose Estimation with Disentangled Waterfall Representations
* Can Machines Learn to Map Creative Videos to Marketing Campaigns?
* Face image quality for actor profile image curation
* Face Image Quality Vector Assessment for Biometrics Applications
* Image Quality Assessment using Semi-Supervised Representation Learning
* Non Homogeneous Realistic Single Image Dehazing
* Object-Ratio-Preserving Video Retargeting Framework based on Segmentation and Inpainting
* On the Importance of Spatio-Temporal Learning for Video Quality Assessment
* Self-Supervised Effective Resolution Estimation with Adversarial Augmentations
* Simple and Efficient method for Dubbed Audio Sync Detection using Compressive Sensing, A
* Subjective and Objective Video Quality Assessment of High Dynamic Range Sports Content
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