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6dof calibration of a camera with respect to the wrist of a 5-axis machine tool
6dof decoupled roto-translation alignment of large-scale indoor point clouds
6dof entropy minimization SLAM for stereo-based wearable devices
6dof point cloud alignment using geometric algebra-based adaptive filtering
6dof Registration of 2D Laser Scans
Accurate 6dof Pose Tracking for Texture-Less Objects
Attention Voting Network with Prior Distance Augmented Loss for 6dof Pose Estimation
Benchmarking 6dof Outdoor Visual Localization in Changing Conditions
CAD-model recognition and 6dof pose estimation using 3D cues
DH3D: Deep Hierarchical 3d Descriptors for Robust Large-scale 6dof Relocalization
Fast 6dof Pose Estimation with Synthetic Textureless CAD Model for Mobile Applications
First Steps towards Stereo-based 6dof SLAM for the Visually Impaired
Full 6dof Pose Estimation from Geo-Located Images
Matryodshka: Real-time 6dof Video View Synthesis Using Multi-sphere Images
NJIT 6dof VR Navigation Dataset
OUR-CVFH: Oriented, Unique and Repeatable Clustered Viewpoint Feature Histogram for Object Recognition and 6dof Pose Estimation
Precision potential of photogrammetric 6dof pose estimation with a single camera
PVN3D: A Deep Point-Wise 3D Keypoints Voting Network for 6dof Pose Estimation
PVNet: Pixel-Wise Voting Network for 6dof Pose Estimation
Robust 6dof Motion Estimation for Non-Overlapping, Multi-Camera Systems
Simple loop closing for continuous 6dof LIDAR&IMU graph SLAM with planar features for indoor environments
smooth 6dof motion prior for efficient 3D surface tracking, A
Sparse Gaussian Approach to Region-based 6dof Object Tracking, A
Spectral 6dof Registration of Noisy 3D Range Data with Partial Overlap
Summarizing Image/Surface Registration for 6dof Robot/Camera Pose Estimation
Triangulate geometric constraint combined with visual-flow fusion network for accurate 6dof pose estimation
ViPR: Visual-Odometry-aided Pose Regression for 6dof Camera Localization
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