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8007 * Algorithms for Shape Analysis of Contours and Waveforms
* Block Coding of Graphics: A Tutorial Review
* Color Information for Region Segmentation
* Compatibilities and the Fixed Points of Arithmetic Relaxation Processes
* Computing the Euler Number of an Image from its Quadtree
* Decorrelation Methods of Texture Feature Extraction
* Disparity Analysis of Images
* Encoding device comprising predictors for thinned and unthinned patterns
* Geometric Constraints in Stereo Vision
* Halftone implementation apparatus
* International Digital Facsimile Coding Standards
* Linear Feature Extraction and Description
* Method and apparatus for reproducing an original gray scale image
* Method and device for supervising the speed of an object
* New Method for Grey-Level Picture Thresholding Using the Entropy of the Histogram, A
* New Methods for Picture Reconstruction: Recursive and Causal Techniques
* New Probabilistic Relaxation Scheme, A
* Random Graphs: Structural-Contextual Dichotomy
* Selection of Critical Subsets for Signal, Image, and Scene Matching, The
* Using Perspective Transformations in Scene Analysis
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