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8403 * 3DPO's Strategy for Matching Three-Dimensional Objects in Range Data
* Authors' Reply
* Automatic Chinese Seal Identification
* Clipping to the Boundary of a Circular-Arc Polygon
* Comment on Quad- and Octtrees
* Compact Region Extraction Using Weighted Pixel Linking in a Pyramid
* Contextual Template Matching: A Distance Measure for Patterns with Hierarchically Dependent Features
* Cumulative Generation of Octree Models from Range Data
* Edge Location to Subpixel Values in Digital Imagery
* Entropy-Based Texture Analysis in the Spatial Frequency Domain
* Extracting Compact Objects Using Linked Pyramids
* Fast Computation of the Difference of Low-Pass Transform
* Fast Parallel Algorithm for Thinning Digital Patterns, A
* Feature Extraction and Decision Procedure for Automated Inspection of Textured Materials
* High-Order Tensor Product Approximation for Two- and Three-Dimensional Image Blocks with Application to Multiresolution Image Representation
* HIPS: A Unix-Based Image Processing System
* Image Segmentation: A Comment on Studies in Global and Local Histogram-Guided Relaxation Algorithms
* Implementation, Interpretation, and Analysis of a Suboptimal Boundary Finding Algorithm
* Local Shading Analysis
* Low resolution raster images
* Method and device for detecting the position of an object
* Optical Phenomena in Computer Vision
* Representation for Shape Based on Peaks and Ridges in the Difference of Low-Pass Transform, A
* Segmentation of a High-Resolution Urban Scene Using Texture Operators
* Shape Matching of Two-Dimensional Objects
* Space and Time Efficient Virtual Quadtrees
* Stochastic Skeleton Modeling of Objects
* Toward a Data Model for Integrated Pictorial Databases
* Video picture processing apparatus and method
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