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8506 * Counterexamples to a Minimal Circumscription Algorithm
* Discontinuity Detection for Visual Surface Reconstruction
* Display of 3D Anisotropic Images from Limited-View Computed Tomograms
* Fast Algorithm for the Boolean Masking Problem, A
* Generalised Digital Contour Coding Scheme, A
* Method of improving contrast accentuation
* On the Time Complexity for Circumscribing a Convex Polygon
* Pattern recognition system
* Perceptual Organization and Visual Recognition
* Representation of Digital Line Segments and Their Preimages
* Sequential Synthesis of Natural Textures
* Special Issue on Perceiving Earth's Resources from Space
* Stereoscopic television system
* System for coring an image-representing signal
* Vectorgraph Coding: Efficient Coding of Line Drawings
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