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8510 * Adaptive predictive coding system for television signals
* Delaunay-Based Representation of Surfaces Defined over Arbitrarily Shaped Domains
* Describing Surfaces
* Early Orientation Selection: Tangent Fields and the Dimensionality of Their Support
* Extraction of Drainage Networks by Using the Consistent Labeling Technique
* Guiding Land Vehicles along Roadways by Computer Vision
* Human Image Understanding: Recent Research and a Theory
* Image Indexing Using a Texture Dictionary
* Image processing method using a collapsed Walsh-Hadamard transform
* Incremental Rigidity Scheme for Recovering Structure from Motion: Position vs. Velocity Based Formulations, The
* Method and apparatus for gray level signal processing
* P(2) Algorithm for Dynamic Calculation of Quantiles and Histograms without Storing Observations, The
* Picture processing apparatus
* Rotation of digital images
* Rule-Based Image Segmentation: A Dynamic Control Strategy Approach
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