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8706 * Arithmetic coding for data compression
* Estimation of a Circular Arc Center and Its Radius
* Fast Binary-Image Boundary Extraction
* Finding Texture Boundaries in Images
* Hough Space Transformations for Discrimination and Distortion Estimation
* Massively Parallel Implementations of Theories for Apparent Motion
* Method and apparatus for determining location and orientation of objects
* Method for transmitting a high-resolution image over a narrow-band communication channel
* Omnidirectional vision system for controllng mobile machines
* Planar Decomposition for Quadtree Data Structure
* Quantitative Evaluation of Similar Images with Quasi-Gray Levels
* Real-time hierarchal pyramid signal processing apparatus
* Relaxing the Brightness Constancy Assumption in Computing Optical Flow
* Symmetry-Curvature Duality
* Use of Color in Computational Vision, The
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