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8804 * *Digital and Optical Shape Representation and Pattern Recognition
* Abnormality supervising system
* CAD-Model-Based System for Object Localization, A
* Computational Study of Vision, The
* Computer-Aided, Design-Based Object Recognition: Incorporating Metric and Topological Information
* Control Point Transforms for Shape Representation and Measurement
* Framework for Surface Reconstruction for 3D Contours, A
* Fuzzy Logic
* Grammar of Dimensions in Machine Drawings, The
* Knowledge-Based Cartography: The NOS Experience
* Local Shape from Specularity
* Object Detection in High Resolution Multispectral Images
* Reed-Muller Transform Image Coding
* Some Location Properties for Robot Navigation Using a Single Camera
* Spatial filter
* Target acquisition system and method
* Transform-Coding of Images with Reduced Complexity
* Twisted Cubic and Camera Calibration, The
* Visual Stereoscopic Computation
* Why Some things Are Darker When Wet?
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