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Amabile, M.J. Co Author Listing * Experiments With Analgorithm For Recovering Fluid Flow From Video Imagery
* Physically Based Fluid Flow Recovery From Image Sequences

Amadasun, M. Co Author Listing * Low-Level Segmentation Of Multispectral Images Via Agglomerative Clustering In Uniform Neighborhoods
* Textural Features Corresponding To Textural Properties

Amaldi, E. Co Author Listing * Computing Optical Flow Across Multiple Scales: An Adaptive Coarse-To-Fine Strategy
* Efficient Line Detection Algorithm Based On A New Combinatorial Optimization Formulation, An

Amamiya, M. Co Author Listing * Amp: An Autonomous Multi-Processor For Image Processing And Computer Vision
* Image Reconstruction Using High-Level Constraints
* Model Generation Method For Object Recognition Task By Pictorial Examples, A

Amanatides, J. Co Author Listing * Antialiasing Of Interlaced Video Animation
* Merging Bsp Yields Polyhedral Set Operations
* Ray Tracing With Cones
* Realism In Computer Graphics: A Survey
* Shading And Shadowing With Linear Light Sources

Amano, A. Co Author Listing * Calibrated Computer Graphics: A New Approach To Realistic Image Synthesis Based On Camera Calibration
* Photometric Calibration Of Zoom Lens Systems

Amano, T. Co Author Listing * Eigen Space Approach For A Pose Detection With Range Images

Amara, M. Co Author Listing * Recursive Estimation Of Parameters Of Straight Lines And Circles: Application To The Segmentation Of (The) Rey'S Complex Figure, A

Amari, S.I. Co Author Listing * Theory On The Determination Of 3d Motion And 3d Structure From Features, A

Amarunnishad, T.M. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Length For Digitized Straight Lines In Three Dimensions

Amat, J. Co Author Listing * Texture Parametrization Method For Image Segmentation

Amat, J.L. Co Author Listing * Design Of A Vision System In Remote Sensing: Modelling Image Processing Sequences

Amato, N.M. Co Author Listing * Finding A Closest Visible Vertex Pair Between Two Polygons
* Time-Optimal Parallel Algorithm For Three-Dimensional Convex Hulls, A

Ambellouis, S. Co Author Listing * Velocity Selective Spatio-Temporal Filters For Motion Analysis In Image Sequence

Amburn, E.P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Histogram Equalization And Its Variations

Amenta, N. Co Author Listing * N

Ameziane, M. Co Author Listing * Pattern Classification Approach To Multilevel Thresholding For Image Segmentation, A

Amia, M. Co Author Listing * Textural Boundary Detection Using Local Spatial Frequency Analysis

Amiel, M. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction Of Object By Iterative Coded-Source Image Deconvolution

Amin, A. Co Author Listing * Advances In Pattern Recognition Seventh International Workshop On Structural And Syntactic Pattern Recognition, And Second International Workshop On Statistical Techniques In Pattern Recognition, Sydney, Australia, August 11-13, 1998,) Springer
* Machine Recognition Of Multi Font Printed Arabic Texts
* Mathematical Morphology For Edge And Overlap Detection For Medical Images
* Recognition Of Handwritten Arabic Words And Sentences

Amini, A.A. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., [Special Issue On] Biomedical Image Analysis First Ieee/Siam Joint Workshop On Mathematical Methods In Biomedical Image Analysis, San Francisco, Ca, June 21-22, 1996
* Parallel Algorithm For Determining Two-Dimensional Object Positions Using Incomplete Information About Their Boundaries, A
* Pointwise Tracking Of Left-Ventricular Motion In 3d
* Scalar Function Formulation For Optical Flow, A
* Snakes And Splines For Tracking Non-Rigid Heart Motion
* Using Dynamic Programming For Minimizing The Energy Of Active Contours In The Presence Of Hard Constraints
* Using Dynamic Programming For Solving Variational Problems In Vision
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Amir, A. Co Author Listing * Alphabet Independent Approach To Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching, An
* Efficient Algorithm For Generalized Random Sampling, An
* Efficient Pattern Matching With Scaling
* Fast Parallel And Serial Multidimensional Approximate Array Matching
* Finding Shortest Paths On Surfaces Using Level Sets Propagation
* Generic Grouping Algorithm And Its Quantitative Analysis, A
* Ground From Figure Discrimination
* Grouping-Based Nonadditive Verification
* Optimal Two-Dimensional Compressed Matching
* Quantitative Analysis Of Grouping Processes
* Two-Dimensional Dictionary Matching
* Two-Dimensional Periodicity In Rectangular Arrays
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Amir, I. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Finding The Center Of Circular Fiducials
* Design Of Fiducials For Accurate Registration Using Machine Vision
* Subpixel Registration Using A Concentric Ring Fiducial

Amiri, H. Co Author Listing * A-Trimmed Mean Filter Controlled By Local Parameters, An

Amit, D.J. Co Author Listing * Network-Computation In Neural Systems

Amit, Y. Co Author Listing * Graphical Templates For Model Registration

Amlani, M.L. Co Author Listing * Query Processing System For Paper-Based Maps, A

Ammann, C.J. Co Author Listing * Fast Thinning Algorithm For Binary Images

Ammar, M. Co Author Listing * Description Of Signature Images And Its Application To Their Classification
* New Effective Approach For Off-Line Verification Of Signatures By Using Pressure Features, A

Ammeraal, L. Co Author Listing * Programming Principles In Computer Graphics, Wiley

Amoros, C. Co Author Listing * Region(S) Growing With The Stochastic Pyramid: Application In Landscape Ecology

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