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Aoe, J. Co Author Listing * Method For Improving String Pattern Matching Machines, A

Aoe, J.I. Co Author Listing * Practical Method For Implementing String Pattern Matching Machines, A

Aoki, K. Co Author Listing * Recognizer With Learning Mechanism For Hand-Written Script English Words

Aoki, M. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Moving Objects Using Line Image Sequence

Aoki, S. Co Author Listing * Regularized Polygonal Approximation For Analysis And Interpretation Of Planar Contour Figures

Aoki, Y. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Shape Recognition Based On 3d Multiresolution Analysis
* Indexing Of Baseball Telecast For Content-Based Video Retrieval
* Morphing Of 2-D Models By Fresnel Transform
* New Parsing Scheme For Plex Grammars, A
* Qualitative Image Analysis Of Group Behaviour
* Recognition Of Japanese Sign Language From Image Sequence Using Color Combination

Aono, M. Co Author Listing * Attribute Mapping-Concept And Implementation
* Botanical Tree Image Generation, Cga 4(5), 1984

Aoyama, H. Co Author Listing * Piecewise Linear Approximation Method Preserving Visual Feature Points Of Original Figures, A

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