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Dhawan, A.P. Co Author Listing * Chord-Tangent Transformation For Object Recognition
* Morphological Signature Transform For Shape Description, A
* Near-Optimal Mst-Based Shape Description Using Genetic Algorithm

Dhome, M. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration From Spheres Images
* Dense Reconstruction By Zooming
* Detection Of Patterns In Images From Piecewise Linear Contours
* Determination Of The Attitude Of 3-D Objects From A Single Perspective View
* Do We Really Need An Accurate Calibration Pattern To Achieve A Reliable Camera Calibration?
* Finding The Perspective Projection Of An Axis Of Revolution
* Finding The Pose Of An Object Of Revolution
* Hierarchical Approach For Polyhedra Recognition By Hypothesis Accumulation
* Human Body Tracking By Monocular Vision
* Inverse Perspective Problem From A Single View For Polyhedra Location, The
* Inverse Perspective Transform From Zero-Curvature Curve Points Application To The Location Of Some Generalized Cylinders
* Inverse Perspective Transform Using Zero-Curvature Contour Points: Application To The Localization Of Some Generalized Cylinders From A Single View
* Locating And Modelling A Flat Symmetric Object From A Single Perspective Image
* Model-Based Recognition And Location Of Local Patterns In Polygonal Contours Via Hypothesis Accumulation
* Modeling An Object Of Revolution By Zooming
* Modelled Object Pose Estimation And Tracking By A Multi-Cameras System
* Modelling Solids Of Revolution By Monocular Vision
* Planar Partially Occluded Objects Scene Analysis
* Polyhedra Recognition By Hypothesis Accumulation
* Recognition, Pose And Tracking Of Modelled Polyhedral Objects By Multi-Ocular Vision
* Reconstruction By Zooming From Implicit Calibration
* Recovering The Scaling Function Of A Shgc From A Single Perspective View
* Segment(S) Matching: Comparison Between A Neural Approach And A Classical Optimization Way
* Sequential Piecewise-Linear Segmentation Of Binary Contours
* Spatial Localization Of Modelled Objects Of Revolution In Monocular Perspective Vision
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction By Zooming
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Dhond, U.R. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of The Stereo Correspondence Process In Scenes With Narrow Occluding Objects
* Computing Stereo Correspondences In The Presence Of Narrow Occluding Objects
* Cost-Benefit Analysis Of A Third Camera For Stereo Correspondence, A
* Stereo Matching In The Presence Of Narrow Occluding Objects Using Dynamic Disparity Search
* Structure From Stereo-A Review

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