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Embrechts, H. Co Author Listing * Component Labelling On A Mimd Multiprocessor
* Mimd Divide-And-Conquer Algorithms For The Distance Transformation. 1. City Block Distance; 2. Chamfer 3-4 Distance, Pc 21, 1995
* Parallel Algorithms For The Distance Transformation
* Parallel Euclidean Distance Transformation Algorithm, A

Emde, W. Co Author Listing * Sensibility, Relative Error And Error Probability Of Projective Invariants Of Planar Surfaces Of 3d Objects

Emerson, B.E. Co Author Listing * Monolithic Hough Transform Processor Based On Reconfigurable Vlsi, A

Emmer, M. Co Author Listing * Visual Mind-Art And Mathematics, Mit Press, Cambridge, The

Emori, S. Co Author Listing * Segmentation And Recognition Of Symbols For Handwritten Piping And Instrument Diagram

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