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Osaki, Y. Co Author Listing * Incremental Tracking Of Human Actions From Multiple Views

Osberger, W. Co Author Listing * Automatic Identification Of Perceptually Important Regions In An Image

Osborne, C. Co Author Listing * Euler Characteristic On The Face-Centered Cubic Lattice, The
* Survey Of Algebraic Methods In Digital Topology, A

Osbourn, G.C. Co Author Listing * New Approach To Machine-Based Perception Of Monocular Images, A

Osherson, D.N. Co Author Listing * Visual Cognition And Action, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Visual Cognition, Mit Press, Cambridge

Oshima, M. Co Author Listing * Application Of 3-D Models To Computer Vision
* Object Recognition System Using Three-Dimensional Information, An
* Reconstruction Of 3d Objects By Integration Of Multiple Range Data

Oshima, T. Co Author Listing * Accurate Rendering Technique Based On Colorimetric Conception

Oshitani, T. Co Author Listing * Parallel Map Recognition Based On Multi-Layer Partitioned Blackboard Model

Osinga, S.A. Co Author Listing * Road Extraction From Multi-Temporal Satellite Images By An Evidential Reasoning Approach

Oskard, D.N. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Algorithms And Data Structures For Underwater Mapping

Osman, E. Co Author Listing * 3d Shape Matching And Inspection Using Geometric Features And Relational Learning
* Iprs Image Processing And Pattern Recognition System, The

Osman, H. Co Author Listing * Sar Image Processing Using Probabilistic Winner-Take-All Learning And Artificial Neural Networks

Osserman, R. Co Author Listing * Curvature In The Eighties

Osteen, R.E. Co Author Listing * Picture Skeletons Based On Eccentricities Of Points Of Minimum Spanning Trees

Ostermann, J. Co Author Listing * Efficient Encoding Of Binary Shapes Using Mpeg-4
* Mpeg-4 And Rate-Distortion-Based Shape-Coding Techniques

Ostevold, E. Co Author Listing * Maximum Entropy Image Reconstruction By Differential Equation Method
* Template Matching Used In Time Contextual Segmentation

Osthof, H.G. Co Author Listing * Layouts With Wires Of Bounded Length

Ostrowski, M.C. Co Author Listing * Interfaces For Data Transfer Between Solid Modeling Systems

Ostuni, J. Co Author Listing * Cocgv: A Method For Multi-Modality 3d Volume Registration
* Motion From Three Weak Perspective Images Using Image Rotation

Osuna, E. Co Author Listing * Pedestrian Detection Using Wavelet Templates
* Real Time Analysis And Tracking Of Mouths For Expression Recognition
* Trainable System For People Detection, A
* Training Support Vector Machines: An Application To Face Detection

Oswald, S.P. Co Author Listing * Efficient Terrain Data Representation For 3d Rendering Using The Generalized Bfos Algorithm

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