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Otis, J. Co Author Listing * Stereo/Motion Cues In Pre-Attentive Vision Processing: Some Experiments With Random-Dot Stereographic Image Sequences

Otsu, N. Co Author Listing * Complex Autoregressive Model For Shape Recognition
* Face Recognition Method Using Higher Order Local Autocorrelation And Multivariate Analysis, A
* Face Recognition System Using Local Autocorrelations And Multiscale Integration
* Fingerprint Data Compression
* Image Restoration By Multiple Regression Analysis Approach
* Invariant Distance Measures For Planar Shapes Based On Complex Autoregressive Model
* Karhunen-Loeve Line Fitting And A Linearity Measure
* Maximum Likelihood Thresholding Based On Population Mixture Models
* Recognition Of Line Shapes Based On Thinning, Segmentation With Good Connectivity Algorithms, And Regularization
* Segmentation Of Thinned Binary Scenes With Good Connectivity Algorithms
* Sketch Retrieval Method For Full Color Image Database-Query By Visual Example, A
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Otsuka, K. Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction Of Temporal Texture Based On Spatiotemporal Motion Trajectory
* Image Velocity Estimation From Trajectory Surface In Spatiotemporal Space

Otsuka, T. Co Author Listing * Recognizing Abruptly Changing Facial Expressions From Time-Sequential Face Images
* Recognizing Multiple Persons' Facial Expressions Using Hmm Based On Automatic Extraction Of Significant Frames From Image Sequences

Otsuki, M. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Shape Recognition By Active Rangefinder

Otsuki, T. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition With Luminance, Rotation And Location Invariance

Ottaviano, L. Co Author Listing * Optical Character Recognition-A Survey

Otte, M. Co Author Listing * Association Of Motion Verbs With Vehicle Movements Extracted From Dense Optical Flow Fields
* Estimation Of Optical Flow Based On Higher-Order Spatiotemporal Derivatives In Interlaced And Non-Laterlaced Image Sequences
* Extraction Of Line Drawings From Gray Value Images By Non-Local Analysis Of Edge Element Structures
* Motion Boundary Detection In Image Sequences By Local Stochastic Tests
* Optical Flow Estimation: Advances And Comparisons

Ottenberg, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis And Solutions Of The Three Point Perspective Pose Estimation Problem
* Estimating Attributes Of Smooth Signal Transitions From Scale Space
* Review And Analysis Of Solutions Of The Three Point Perspective Pose Estimation Problem

Otterbach, R. Co Author Listing * Fast And Robust Recognition And Localization Of 2-D Objects

Ottes, F.P. Co Author Listing * Interactive Histogram Equalization

Ottmann, T. Co Author Listing * Direct Dominance Problem, The
* Dynamical Sets Of Points
* Fast Algorithm For The Boolean Masking Problem, A
* New Algorithms For Special Cases Of The Hidden Line Elimination Problem
* Numerical Stability Of Geometric Algorithms
* On The Definition And Computation Of Rectilinear Convex Hulls
* Optimal Dynamic Solutions For Fixed Windowing Problems
* Partitioning And Separating Sets Of Orthogonal Polygons
* Space-Economical Plane-Sweep Algorithms
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Otto, G.P. Co Author Listing * Geometric Transformations In A Lazy Functional Language
* Optimising Edge Detection
* Region-Growing Algorithm For Matching Of Terrain Images

Ottonello, C. Co Author Listing * Noisy Texture Classification: A Higher-Order Statistics Approach

Ottonello, P. Co Author Listing * Localization And Noise In Edge Detection

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