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Qu, L.Z. Co Author Listing * Background Subtraction Algorithms For Videodensitometric Quantification Of Coronary Stenosis

Qu, X. Co Author Listing * Matching Spatial Relations Using Db-Tree For Image Retrieval

Qu, Z. Co Author Listing * New Identification Jacobian For Robotic Hand-Eye Calibration, A

Quaglia, G. Co Author Listing * Use Of Perceptual Organization In The Prediction Of Geometric Structures, The

Quam, L. Co Author Listing * Radius Common Development Environment, The

Quam, L.H. Co Author Listing * Design Of A Prototype Interactive Cartographic Display And Analysis Environment
* Hierarchical Warp Stereo
* Overview Of The Sri Cartographic Modeling Environment
* Pace-An Environment For Intelligence Analysis
* Terrain-Calc System, The

Quan, L. Co Author Listing * Affine Shape Representation From Motion Through Reference Points
* Affine Structure From Line Correspondences With Uncalibrated Affine Cameras
* Algebraic And Geometric Invariant Of A Pair Of Non-Coplanar Conics In Space
* Conic Reconstruction And Correspondence From Two Views
* Determining Perspective Structures Using Hierarchical Hough Transform
* Factorization Method For Affine Structure From Line Correspondences, A
* Generating The Initial Hypothesis Using Perspective Invariants For A 2d Image And 3d Model Matching
* Geometrical Learning From Multiple Stereo Views Through Monocular Based Feature Grouping
* How Useful Is Projective Geometry?
* Invariant Of A Pair Of Non-Coplanar Conics In Space: Definition, Geometric Interpretation, And Computation
* Invariants Of 6 Points From 3 Uncalibrated Images
* Invariants Of A Pair Of Conics Revisited
* Invariants Of Six Points And Projective Reconstruction From Three Uncalibrated Images
* Joint Invariants Of A Triplet Of Coplanar Conics: Stability And Discriminating Power For Object Recognition
* Linear N Lambda 4-Point Pose Determination
* Matching Perspective Images Using Geometric Constraints And Perceptual Grouping
* New Linear Method For Euclidean Motion/Structure From Three Calibrated Affine Views, A
* Relative 3d Reconstruction Using Multiple Uncalibrated Images
* Relative 3d Reconstruction Using Multiple Uncalibrated Images
* Self-Calibration Of A 1d Projective Camera And Its Application To The Self-Calibration Of A 2d Projective Camera
* Self-Calibration Of An Affine Camera From Multiple Views
* Toward Structure From Motion For Linear Features Through Reference Points
* Uncalibrated 1d Projective Camera And 3d Affine Reconstruction Of Lines
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Quaranta Vogliotti, C. Co Author Listing * Pattern Growth In Elementary Cellular Automata

Quatieri, T.F. Co Author Listing * Statistical Model-Based Algorithms For Image Analysis

Quegan, S. Co Author Listing * Quantitative Comparison Of The Performance Of Sar Segmentation Algorithms
* Understanding Synthetic Aperture Radar Images, Artech House

Queisser, A. Co Author Listing * Color Spaces For Inspection Of Natural Objects

Quek, C. Co Author Listing * Novel Single-Pass Thinning Algorithm And An Effective Set Of Performance Criteria, A

Quek, F. Co Author Listing * Abstraction-Based Approach To 3-D Pose Determination From Range Images, An
* Linear Algorithm For Computing The Phase Portraits Of Oriented Textures, A

Quek, F.K.H. Co Author Listing * Eyes In The Interface

Quek, G.P. Co Author Listing * Partial Matching Of Two Dimensional Shapes Using Random Coding

Quenot, G. Co Author Listing * Functional Programming On A Data Flow Architecture: Applications In Real-Time Image Processing

Quet, K.H. Co Author Listing * Rievl: Recursive Induction Learning In Hand Gesture Recognition

Quick, J. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Rotation By Three Shears

Quignon, J. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Decision System For The Automatic Interpretation Of Electromyograms, An

Quiles, F. Co Author Listing * Simulation Tool Of Parallel Architectures For Digital Image Processing Applications Based On Dlx Processors, A

Quinn, A. Co Author Listing * Fast And Accurate Texture-Based Image Segmentation

Quinn, M.J. Co Author Listing * Designing Efficient Algorithms For Parallel Computers, Mcgraw-Hill
* Parallel Graph Algorithms

Quinquis, A. Co Author Listing * Cloudy Sky Velocity Estimation Based On Optical Flow Estimation Leading With An Entropy Criterion
* Motion Estimation Methods And Noisy Phenomena

Quinton, P. Co Author Listing * Algorithms And Parallel Vlsi Architectures Ii (Bonas, France, June 2-6, 1991), North-Holland
* From Equations To Hardware: Towards The Systematic Mapping Of Algorithms Onto Parallel Architectures

Quiroz, C. Co Author Listing * Operating System Support For Animate Vision
* Rochester Checkers Player-Multimodal Parallel Programming For Animate Vision, The

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