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Vranesic, Z. Co Author Listing * Physically Based Modeling And Control Of Turning
* Reusable Motion Synthesis Using State-Space Controllers

Vrhel, M. Co Author Listing * Mathematics Of Color Calibration, The

Vrhel, M.J. Co Author Listing * Color Imaging For Multimedia
* Filter Considerations In Color Correction
* Optimal Color Filters In The Presence Of Noise
* Optimal Nonnegative Color Scanning Filters

Vriesenga, M. Co Author Listing * Colored Illumination For Enhancing Discriminability In Machine Vision
* Controlling Illumination Color To Enhance Object Discriminability

Vrobel, P. Co Author Listing * Constraint-Based Modeling
* Role Of Iu Technology In Radius Phase Ii, The

Vrobel, R.A. Co Author Listing * Pace-An Environment For Intelligence Analysis

Vrooman, H.A. Co Author Listing * Low-Level Image Processing By Max-Min Filters

Vroomen, L.J. Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm For The Computation Of Moment Invariants

Vrto, I. Co Author Listing * Tight Chip Area Lower Bounds For Discrete Fourier And Walsh-Hadamard Transformations
* Tight Chip Area Lower Bounds For String Matching

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