Recent Introduction

Recent.1 Introduction

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This is an experiment to automatically transform the online versions of the Rosenfeld bibliographies into the same hypertext form as my bibliography. There are a lot of problems with the conversion (especially for the references to the entire conference proceedings and books), but most journal articles and conference papers are converted correctly.

No hand editing of any files was done.

My original hypertext bibliography, arranged by topic with keywords and links to on-line versions of about 100+ papers is available.
HTML Version.

Recent.1.1 Indexing

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An index is generated for authors (with links back to the individual papers), for journals, conferences and other collections, by general keywords, and by title. The conference or book listing contains the pointer to the conference or book entry (near the begining of the list, in bold type). Often the keyword index entry points to a subsection rather than any individual paper and these section level keywords are not usually included with individual papers in that section. The bottom of the table of contents has direct entries into the index files.

Recent.1.2 Bibtex Entries

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There is an experimental generation of Bibtex entries. Because of the nature of the input files, the correct Bibtex categories are not always possible so that everything comes out as an article. Over time some things may be fixed, but the entries will never be directly exportable for everyone with no editing to a bib file for use by bibtex. These are indicated by the BibRef in the file.

Recent.1.2.1 Abbreviations

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Most of the correct @string references are generated for the abbreviations, which are given in the input files. These are available in on of the introductory sections for each year under sections titled something like Journals or Conferences or Books. The original files for 1984 did not have such a listing available.

Recent.1.3 Comments

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Constructive comments (and important missing references) are welcome. (The closing of every file has pointers for email, comments and copies.)

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