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ACV(93) * Adaptive Control Techniques For Dynamic Visual Repositioning Of Hand-Eye Robotic Systems
* Algorithms For A Fast Confocal Optical Inspection System
* Autonomous Landing Of Airplanes By Dynamic Machine Vision
* Cartrack: Computer Vision-Based Car Following
* Curve Recognition Using B-Spline Representation
* Fiber Identification In Microscopy By Ridge Detection And Grouping
* Interactive Road Finding For Aerial Images
* Liquid Crystal Polarization Camera
* Multiple Object Tracking System With Three Level Continuous Processes
* Multiscale Analysis Model Applied To Natural Surfaces, A
* New Visual Invariants For Obstacle Detection Using Optical Flow Induced From General Motion
* Performance Assessment Of Model-Based Tracking
* Point Target Detection In Spatially Varying Clutter
* Recovering Building Structures From Stereo
* Registar Machine: From Conception To Installation, The
* Scale-Space Clustering And Classification Of Sar Images With Numerous Attributes And Classes
* Shadow Handler In A Video-Based Real-Time Traffic Monitoring System, A
* Shape Recovery Methods For Visual Inspection
* System For Obstacle Detection During Rotocraft Low-Altitude Flight, A
* System-Level Design Of Specialized Vlsi Hardware For Computing Relative Orientation
* Target Tracking And Range Estimation Using An Image Sequence
* Visual Processing For Autonomous Driving
* Visually Guided Mobile Robot Acting In Indoor Environments, A
* Voice-Bandwidth Visual Communication Through Logmaps: The Telecortex
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ACV(I) * Image Flow Theory: A Framework For 3-D Inference From Time-Varying Imagery
* Robust Computations Of Intrinsic Images From Multiple Cues
* Visions Image-Understanding System, The

ACV(II) * Form Perception Using Transformation Networks: Polyhedra
* Parts Of Perception, The
* Scaling And Fingerprint Theorems For Zero-Crossings
* Use Of The Facet Model And The Topographic Primal Sketch In Image Analysis, The

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