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Berlin 95 * Algorithmic Beauty Of Sea Shells, Springer, The
* Curves And Fractal Dimension, Springer
* Fast Algorithms For 3d Graphics, Springer
* Fractal Image Compression--Theory And Application, Springer
* Fractal Modelling--Growth And Form In Biology, Springer
* Image Analysis, Random Fields, And Dynamic Monte Carlo Methods--A Mathematical Introduction, Springer
* Image Technology--Advances In Image Processing, Multimedia, And Machine Vision, Springer
* Parcella '94 (Proceedings Of The Sixth International Workshop On Parallel Processing By Cellular Automata And Arrays, Potsdam, Germany, September 21-23, 1994), Akademie Verlag
* Photorealistic Rendering Techniques, Springer
* Visual Computing--The Integration Of Computer, Visual Perception And Imaging, Springer
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Berlin 96 * Active Visual Inference Of Surface Shape, Springer
* Discrete Geometry From Computer Imagery (Sixth Dcgi Conference, Lyon, France, November 13-15, 1996), Springer
* Filtering, Segmentation And Depth, Springer
* Object-Oriented And Mixed Paradigms--New Directions In Computer Graphics, Springer
* Probabilistic Theory Of Pattern Recognition, Springer, A
* Statistical Theory Of Shape, Springer, The
* Strange Phenomena In Convex And Discrete Geometry, Springer
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Berlin 97 * Computational Geometry|Algorithms And Applications, Springer
* Efficient Visual Recognition Using The Hausdorff Distance, Springer
* Speechreading By Humans And Machines|Models, Systems, And Applications, Springer

Berlin 98 * Book Of Genesis (2nd Ed.): Exploring Realistic Neural Models With The General Neural Simulation System, Springer, The
* Computer Vision|Eccv '98 (Fifth European Conference On Computer Vision, Freiburg, Germany, June 2-6, 1998), Springer
* Data Compression: The Ultimate Reference, Springer
* Morphologische Bildverarbeitung, Springer

Berlin * Advances In Pattern Recognition Seventh International Workshop On Structural And Syntactic Pattern Recognition, And Second International Workshop On Statistical Techniques In Pattern Recognition, Sydney, Australia, August 11-13, 1998,) Springer
* Advances In Structural And Syntactic Pattern Recognition Sixth International Workshop, Leipzig, Germany, August 20-23, 1996, Springer
* Computer Vision--Eccv '96 (Proceedings, Fourth European Conference On Computer Vision, Cambridge, Uk, April 15-18, 1996), Springer
* Computer Vision|Accv '98 (Third Asian Conference On Computer Vision, Hong Kong, China, January 8-11, 1998), Springer
* Exploratory Vision--The Active Eye, Springer
* Face Recognition: From Theory To Applications (Stirling, Scotland, June 28-July 4, 1997), Springer
* Graphics Recognition--Methods And Applications (Selected Papers From The First International Workshop, University Park, Pa, August 10-11, 1995), Springer
* Image Analysis And Processing (8th International Conference Iciap '95, San Remo, Italy, September 13-15, 1995), Springer
* International Journal On Document Analysis And Recognition, Springer
* Pattern Analysis And Applications, Springer
* Proceedings Of The First International Workshop On) Object Representation In Computer Vision, Springer
* Proceedings Of The Second International Workshop On) Object Representation In Computer Vision Ii (Cambridge, Uk, April 13-14, 199
* Recent Developments In Computer Vision (Invited Session Papers, Second Asian Conference On Computer Vision, Singapore, December 5-8, 1995), Springer
* State Of The Art In Computer Graphics, Springer
* Understanding Images--Finding Meaning In Digital Imagery, Springer
* Vision Interface '97, Kelowna, Bc, Canada, May 19-23, 1997. 19. M. Pelillo And E.R. Hancock, Eds., Energy Minimization Methods In Computer Vision And Pattern Recognition (Proceedings Of The International Workshop, Venice, Italy, May 21-23, 1997), Springer
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BERLIN(84) * Natural Language Communication With Pictoral Information Systems, Springer

BERLIN(85) * Computational Geometry-An Introduction, Springer
* Digital Picture Processing-An Introduction, Springer
* Digitale Bildverarbeitung, Springer
* Multi-Dimensional Searching And Computational Geometry, Springer

BERLIN(86) * Computer Animation-Theory And Practice, Springer

BERLIN(87) * Algorithms In Combinatorial Geometry, Springer
* Detection Of Abrupt Changes In Signals And Dynamical Systems, Springer
* Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis: An Introduction, Springer
* Techniques For Computer Graphics, Springer
* Three-Dimensional Computer Vision, Springer

BERLIN(88) * Radon And Projection Transform-Based Computer Vision Algorithms, A Pipeline Architecture, And Industrial Applications, Springer

BERLIN(89) * Advances In Machine Vision, Springer
* Computer Graphics And Geometric Modeling Using Beta-Splines, Springer
* Curves And Surfaces In Computer-Aided Geometric Design, Springer
* Hypercube Algorithms For Image Processing And Pattern Recognition, Springer
* Illumination And Color In Computer Generated Imagery, Springer
* Optical Recognition Of Chinese Characters, Vieweg
* Range Image Understanding, Springer
* Science Of Fractal Images, Springer, The
* Surfaces In Range Image Understanding, Springer
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BERLIN(90) * Algorithms For Parallel Polygon Rendering, Springer
* Automatic Generation Of Morphological Set Recognition Algorithms, Springer
* Describing And Recognizing 3-D Objects Using Surface Primitives, Springer
* Group Theoretical Methods In Image Processing, Springer
* Group Theoretical Methods In Image Understanding, Springer

BERLIN(91) * Advances In Computer Graphics Vi, Springer
* Computer Graphics Techniques: Theory And Practice, Springer
* Dictionary Of Computer Graphics Technology And Applications, Springer
* Fractals-Endlessly Repeated Geometrical Figures, Springer
* Graph Grammars And Their Applications To Computer Science, Springer
* Hands: A Pattern Theoretic Study Of Biological Shapes, Springer
* Hypercube Algorithms With Applications To Image And Pattern Recognition, Springer
* Intelligent Image Processing In Prolog, Springer
* Introduction To Shannon Sampling And Interpolation Theory, Springer
* Object-Oriented Graphics: From Gks And Phigs To Object-Oriented Systems, Springer
* Recursive Block Coding For Image Data Compression, Springer
* State-Of-The-Art In Computer Graphics: Visualization And Modeling, Springer
* Synthetic Actors In Computer-Generated 3d Films, Springer
* Taxonomy For Texture Description And Identification, Springer, A
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BERLIN(92) * 3d Dynamic Scene Analysis-A Stereo Based Approach, Springer
* Computer Vision-Theory And Industrial Applications, Springer
* Digital Image Processing-Concepts, Algorithms, And Scientific Applications, Springer
* Digital Image Restoration, Springer
* High Speed Range Estimation Based On Intensity Gradient Analysis, Springer
* Modelling Spacial Knowledge On A Linguistic Basis: Theory-Prototype Integration, Springer
* Multiresolution Image Shape Description, Springer
* Natural Object Recognition, Springer
* Shape Detection In Computer Vision Using The Hough Transform, Springer
* Vision-Based Vehicle Guidance, Springer
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BERLIN(93) * Artificial Neural Networks For Computer Vision, Springer
* Computer Vision: Theory And Industrial Applications, Springer
* Discrete Images, Objects, And Functions In Z(N), Springer
* Interactive Image Processing For Machine Vision, Springer
* Motion And Structure From Image Sequences, Springer
* New Trends In Discrete And Computational Geometry, Springer
* Theory Of Reconstruction From Image Motion, Springer
* Visual Geometry And Topology-Mathematical Images In The Real World, Springer
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BERLIN(94) * Hyperedge Replacement: Grammars And Languages, Springer
* Spatio-Temporal Image Processing-Theory And Scientific Applications, Springer

Berlin(XX) * Two-Dimensional Languages, In G. Rozenberg And A. Saloman, Eds., Handbook Of Formal Languages, Springer

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