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BIOLOGICAL CYBERNETICS (57) * Recognition Of Hierarchically Encoded Images By Technical And Biological Systems

BIOLOGICAL CYBERNETICS(50) * Structure Of Images, The

* Perception Of Solid Shape From Shading
* Some New Phenomena In The Perception Of Glass Patterns

BIOLOGICAL CYBERNETICS(54) * Model For The Perception Of Curves In Dot Figures: The Role Of Local Salience Of ``Virtual Lines'', A
* Texton Gradients: The Texton Theory Revisited

BIOLOGICAL CYBERNETICS(58) * Finding Motion Parameters From Spherical Motion Fields (Or The Advantages Of Having Eyes In The Back Of Your Head)
* Operational Significance Of Receptive Field Assemblies
* Scale-Time
* Shape From Texture

BIOLOGICAL CYBERNETICS(67) * Tracking Facilitates 3-D Motion Estimation

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