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BIT(23) * On The X-Y Convex Hull Of A Set Of X-Y Polygons
* Properties And Applications Of Forests Of Quadtrees For Pictorial Data Representation

BIT(24) * Analytical Technique For 3-Dimensional Interpolation, An
* Computing A Longest Common Subsequence For A Set Of Strings
* Delaunay Triangulation And The Convex Hull Of N Points In Expected Linear Time
* Graph Algorithms On A Tree-Structured Parallel Computer
* On The Average Length Of Delaunay Triangulations
* Some Performance Tests Of Convex Hull Algorithms
* Three-Triangle Tangram
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BIT(25) * Fast Line-Sweep Algorithm For Hidden Line Elimination, A
* Power Of Geometric Duality, The

BIT(26) * O(N Log N) Minimal Spanning Tree Algorithm For N Points In The Plane, An
* On The Approximation Of Plane Curves By Parametric Cubic Splines
* Reconstructing Visible Regions From Visible Segments

BIT(27) * Algorithms For Minimum Length Partitions Of Polygons
* Corrections To Lee'S Visibility Polygon Algorithm
* New Systolic Architecture For Convex Hull And Half-Plane Intersection Problems, A

BIT(28) * Greedy Matching On A Grid
* Note On The Largest Empty Rectangle Problem, A
* Scanline Algorithms On A Grid

BIT(29) * Linear Systolic Algorithm For The Connected Component Problem, A
* Recursive Mesh Refinement On Hypercubes

BIT(30) * Embeddings On A Boolean Cube
* Quadratic Spline Interpolation On Uniform Methes

BIT(32) * Applications Of A Semi-Dynamic Convex Hull Algorithm
* New Algorithm For Polynomial And Trigonometric Interpolation On Parallel Computers

BIT(33) * Optimal Convex Hull Algorithms On Enhanced Meshes

BIT(34) * On Condition Numbers And Algorithms For Determining A Rigid Body Movement

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