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Boston 96 * Fundamentals Of Digital Optics, Birkhauser
* Video And Image Processing In Multimedia Systems, Kluwer

Boston 98 * Geometry Of Digital Spaces, Birkhauser
* Human Face Recognition Using Third-Order Synthetic Neural Networks, Kluwer
* Intelligent Image Databases: Towards Advanced Image Retrieval, Kluwer
* Understanding Synthetic Aperture Radar Images, Artech House

BOSTON(85) * Perceptual Organization And Visual Recognition, Kluwer
* Shadows And Silhouettes In Computer Vision, Kluwer

BOSTON(89) * Bayesian Modeling Of Uncertainty In Low-Level Vision, Kluwer
* Computational Geometry-Curve And Surface Modeling, Academic Press
* Fractals Everywhere, Academic Press
* Integration Of Visual Modules-An Extension Of The Marr Paradigm, Academic Press
* Introduction To Ray Tracing, Academic Press, An
* Mathematical Methods In Computer Aided Geometric Design, Academic Press
* Mathematical Structure Of Raster Graphics, Academic Press, The
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BOSTON(90) * Computational Vision, Academic Press
* Discrete Cosine Transform-Algorithms, Advantages, Applications, Academic Press
* Graphics Gems, Academic Press
* Handbook Of Neural Computing Applications, Academic Press
* Introduction To Neural And Electronic Networks, Academic Press, An
* Parallel Architectures And Parallel Algorithms For Integrated Vision Systems, Kluwer
* Task-Directed Sensor Fusion And Planning: A Computational Approach, Kluwer
* Understanding Vision, Academic Press
* Vision And Navigation-The Carnegie Mellon Navlab, Kluwer
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BOSTON(91) * Effective Color Displays-Theory And Practice, Academic Press
* Fundamentals Of Spatial Information Systems, Academic Press
* Geometric Concepts For Geometric Design, Jones & Bartlett
* Graphics Gems Ii, Academic Press
* Mobile Robots, Jones & Bartlett
* Oriented Projective Geometry, Academic Press
* Physical Approach To Color Image Understanding, Jones & Bartlett, A
* Wavelets And Their Applications, Jones & Bartlett
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BOSTON(92) * Connectionist Robot Motion Planning: A Neurally-Inspired Approach To Visually-Guided Reaching, Academic Press
* Directed Sonar Sensing For Mobile Robot Navigation, Kluwer
* Generative Modeling For Computer Graphics And Cad, Academic Press
* Graphics Gems Iii, Academic Press
* Introduction To Wavelets, Academic Press
* Mathematical Methods In Computer Aided Geometric Design Ii, Academic Press
* Measurement Of Image Velocity, Kluwer
* Physically-Based Modeling For Computer Graphics-A Structured Approach, Academic Press
* Qualitative Motion Understanding, Kluwer
* Wavelets-A Tutorial In Theory And Applications, Academic Press
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BOSTON(93) * Modern Image Processing-Warping, Morphing, And Classical Techniques, Academic Press
* Quick Reference To Computer Graphics Terms, Academic Press
* Radiosity And Realistic Image Synthesis, Academic Press

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