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C&G (18) * Guest Ed., (Special Section On) Modelling And Visualization Of Spatial Data In Gis

C&G 13() * Guest Ed., Special Topic: 3d Voxel-Based Graphics

C&G(10) * Algorithm For Generating Connected Quadrilaterals Of Specified Area, An
* Determination Of Local Coordinate Systems For Texture Synthesis On 3-D Surfaces
* Edge Oriented Algorithm For The Evaluation Of Projected Surface Parameters, An
* Fast Hardware Graphic Generators Of Curve Families
* Model Driven Synthesis Of Natural Textures For 3-D Scenes
* Modelling 3d Shaded Solids Of Arbitrary Shape Using An Edge-Oriented Algorithm
* Optimal Nesting Of General Plane Figures: A Monte Carlo Heuristical Approach
* Parallel Polygon Scan Conversion Algorithms: Performance Evaluation On A Shared Bus Architecture
* Polygonal Mesh And Quad-Tree Display Algorithms For Nonconvex Crystal Structures
* Three Improvements Of The Ray Tracing Algorithm For Csg Trees
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C&G(11) * Computing Polygon Fill-Lines
* Cross-Sectional Design Of B-Spline Surfaces
* Fast Two-Dimensional Line Clipping Algorithm Via Line Encoding, A
* Geometric Hidden-Line Processing Algorithm, A
* Interactive Procedure For Shape Preserving Cubic Spline Interpolation, An
* Linguistic Approach To 3-D Object Recognition, A
* Note On Multi-Polygon Area Filling, A
* On The Construction And Display Of A Polytopal Mesh For The N-Dimensional Hypercube And (N+1) Simplex
* Peak And Medium-Global Errors Of Discretization Of Algebraic Curves On Square Grids
* Surface Construction From Planar Contours
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C&G(12) * 3-D Objects From 2-D Orthographic Views-A Survey
* Boolean Operations Based On The Planar Polyhedral Representation
* Circular Pipe-Connections
* Classes Of Polyhedra Defined By Jet Graphics
* Computer Graphical Treatments Of Perspective Pictures
* Computer-Aided Treatment Of Developable Surfaces
* Coons-Type Patches
* Design And Performance Evaluation Of A Systolic Architecture For Hidden-Surface Removal
* Efficient Algorithms For Scan-Converting 3d Polygons
* Extracting Vectors From Raster Images
* Fundamental Ideas For Computer-Supported Descriptive Geometry
* Geometric Modeling In The Analysis Of Trivariate Functions
* Hidden Line Detection In Polytree Representations
* Hierarchical Hex-Tree Representational Technique For Solid Modelling, A
* How To Build A Lattice Nesting In Any Arbitrary Direction
* Implementation Of Set Operation For Regularized Geometric Object, The
* Interpolation Techniques For 3-D Object Generation
* Noniterative Algorithm For Generating Connected Quadrilaterals Of Specified Area, A
* On Illuminations Of C[2]-Surfaces In Vector Graphic Description
* On The Intersection Of Two Planar Polygons
* Peris: A Programming Environment For Realistic Image Synthesis
* Perspective Views Of Polar Coordinate Functions
* Point Data Analysis
* Realizing The Boolean Operations In Solid Modeling Technique Via Directed Loops
* Sect: An Effective Coding Technique For Polygonal Geographic Data
* Synthesis Of Halftone 3d Images On An Array Processor
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C&G(13) * Adaptive Display Of Linear Octrees
* Algorithm For Computing The Union, Intersection Or Difference Of Two Polygons, An
* Approximation Development Of Skew Ruled Surfaces
* Bit Map Transformations In Computerized 2d Animation
* Boolean Operations With Enriched Octree Structures
* Breadth-First Quad Encoding For Networked Picture Browsing
* Comments On ``Extended Octtrees''
* Complex Contour Organization For Surface Reconstruction
* Construction Of Solid Objects From Orthographic Views
* Defining A Faceted Generalized Cylinder By Projections Of Cross Sections
* Digital Fundamental Group, A
* Display Of Discrete 3d Binary Objects: I-Shading
* Distance Between Objects Represented By Octtrees Defined In Different Coordinate Systems
* Extended Octtree Representation Of General Solids With Plane Faces: Model Structure And Algorithms
* Extension Of A Boundary Representation Technique For The Description Of N Dimensional Polytopes
* Globular Dynamics: A Connected Particle System For Animating Viscous Fluids
* Homogeneous Coordinates And The Principle Of Duality In Two Dimensional Clipping
* Implementing Ray Tracing With Octrees And Neighbor Finding
* Interactive Voxel-Based Graphics For 3d Reconstruction Of Biological Structures
* Laser Printers For Rendering Surfaces
* Linear Pivoting Heuristic Procedure For Computing The Curve Of Intersection Of Two Bicubic Surface Patches, A
* Medicube: A 3d Medical Imaging Architecture
* Negative Experiment With Univariate Blending Functions, A
* New Combinatorial Model For Boundary Representations, A
* On The Two Array Mask Hidden-Line Algorithm
* Pc-Based 3-D Reconstruction Of Medical Images
* Polygon Rendering On A Dual-Paradigm Parallel Processor
* Quadratic B-Splines For Automatic Curve And Surface Fitting
* Quadruple-Step Line Generation
* Representing Objects As Rays, Or How To Pile Up An Octree?
* Systolic Architectures In Curve Generation
* Tracking Parameterized Algebraic Curves On Raster Displays
* Two Methods For Generating Fractals
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C&G(14) * 2d And 3d Perspective Transformations
* Accelerated Radiosity Method For Complex Environments
* Assembly Planning Based On Geometric Reasoning
* Attribute Mapping-Concept And Implementation
* B3-Splines For Interactive Curve And Surface Fitting
* Clothoidal Splines
* Feature-Based Modeling For Mechanical Design
* Free-Form Solid Modeling Using Deformations
* Geometric Constraints And Reasoning For Geometrical Cad Systems
* Geometric Reasoning In Feature-Based Design And Process Planning
* Guest Eds., Special Topic: Features And Geometric Reasoning
* Highlight Shading: Lighting And Shading In A Phigs+/Pex Environment
* Importance Of Drawing In The Mechanical Design Process, The
* Interpolation Of Helical Patches By Kinematic Rational Be'Zier Patches
* Issues On Feature-Based Editing And Interrogation Of Solid Models
* On Reducing The Phong Shading Method
* Overview Of Rendering Techniques, An
* Quick Point-In-Polyhedron Test, A
* Ray Tracing Csg Trees Using The Sticks Representation Scheme
* Recursive Technique For Rendering Parametric Curves, A
* Using A Feature-Based Model For Automatic Determination Of Assembly Handling Codes
* Using Features For Machine Design Problems
* Variations In Solids: A Declarative Treatment
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C&G(15) * @2 Size -2 1 Over 2@D Scene Update By Insertion Of Contour
* Adaptive Cell Division For Ray Tracing
* Algorithm For The General Solution Of Hidden Line Removal For Intersecting Solids, An
* Algorithm Of The Offset Shape, An
* Basic Concepts For Iso/Iec'S Image Interchange Format (Iif), The
* Constructive Solid Geometry Using The Isoluminance Contour Model
* Coordinate Relationships Between Vertices Of Linear Octree Nodes And Corners Of The Universe
* Design Of An Iconic Kernel System
* Fast Ray Tracing 3d Models
* Form Feature Modelling In A Hybrid Csg/Brep Scheme
* Guest Ed., Imaging
* High-Quality Filtering Using Forward Texture Mapping, A
* Highly Parallel Architecture For Real Time Collision Detection In Flight Simulation, A
* Iks(Pfh)-Concept And Implementation Of An Object-Oriented Framework For Image Processing
* Image Requantization By Cardinality Distribution
* Interval Methods In Computer Graphics
* Line Algorithms For Raster Displays Rescued From Round-Off Errors
* Linear Programming Method For Ray-Convex Polyhedron Intersection, A
* Local Search: A New Hidden Line Elimination Algorithm To Display Spherical Coordinate Equations
* Mathematical Expression Language For Imaging Applications, A
* Modeling Dynamic Surfaces With Octrees
* Overview Of The Programmer'S Imaging Kernel (Pik) Proposed Standard, An
* Parallel Algorithms And A Systolic Device For Cubic B-Spline Curve And Surface Generation
* Parametric Piecewise Surfaces Intersection
* Preserving Convexity Using Piecewise Cubic Interpolation
* Quantization Of Color Images For Display/Printing On Limited Color Output Devices
* Recursive Bisection Line Algorithm
* Shading And Shadowing With Linear Light Sources
* Shadow Algorithm For Csg, A
* Shape Controls In Rational Beta-Splines
* Simd Parallel Colour Quantization Algorithm, A
* Simplification Of Objects Rendered By Polygonal Approximations
* Smart Navigation Of A Ray Through An Oct-Tree, The
* Smooth Surface Reconstruction From Scattered Data Points
* Sparq: Spatial Relationship Query Based On Spatial Decomposition
* Survey Of Intersection Algorithms For Curved Surfaces, A
* Topological Sort Of Ssi With Minimal Searching
* Virtual Edges, Viewing Faces, And Boundary Traversal In Line Drawing Representation Of Objects With Curved Surfaces
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C&G(16) * 3-D Reconstruction Of Generalized Cylinders From Biplane Projections
* Applications Of Visibility On The Computation Of Offset Curve Patterns
* C<2> Rational Cubic Spline Alternative To The Nurbs, A
* Computing The Intersection Of A Plane And A Natural Quadric
* Determining Holes And Connectivity In Binary Images
* Image Analysis For Advertisement Purpose: A Computational Model Of Visual Perception
* Image Registration By Sequential Tests Of Hypotheses: The Relationship Between Gaussian And Binomial Models
* Line Monotonic Partitioning Of Planar Cubic B-Splines
* Method For Converting The Surface Of A Generalized Cylinder Into A B-Spline Surface, A
* New Progressive Radiosity Algorithm Through The Use Of Accurate Form-Factors, A
* Parallel Algorithm For Finding Congruent Regions, A
* Representing Surfaces With Voxels
* Sampling And Anti-Aliasing Of Discrete 3-D Volume Density Textures
* Solid Modelling Based On Polyhedron Approach
* Solid-Interpolating Deformations: Construction And Animation Of Pips
* Stack-Based Approach For Shading Of Regions, A
* Super-Plane Buffer: An Efficient Form-Factor Evaluation Algorithm For Progressive Radiosity, The
* Sweeping With All Graphical Ingredients In A Topological Picturebook
* Tight Package Wrapping For Planar Point Sets, A
* Time Complexity Of Monte Carlo Radiosity
* Volume-Primitive Based Three-Dimensional Medical Image Rendering: Customized Architectural Approaches
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C&G(17) * Ability And Efficiency Of The Method Of Dichotomous Paths To Simulate Functions, The
* Animation System For Rigid And Deformable Models, An
* Efficient Potential Equation Solutions For Global Illumination Computation
* Model For Rendering High Intensity Lights, A
* Survey Of Techniques For Simulation Of Dynamic Collision Detection And Response, A
* Unified Computational Framework For Minkowski Operations, A

C&G(18) * Constraints Imposed By Mach Bands On Shape From Shading
* Digital Topology In 2.5d: An Application To Topological Filling Of Well-Nested Objects
* Discrete Circles, Rings And Spheres
* On The Correct Determination Of Rotational Angles For Twisted-Profiled Sweep Objects
* Reconstruction Of A Symmetrical Object From Its Perspective Image
* Space Deformation Models Survey
* ``Finger-Pointer'': Pointing Interface By Image Processing
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C&G(19) * Analysis And Synthesis Of Textures: A Co-Occurrence-Based Approach
* Connected Components Labelling Using Murray Polygons
* Estimation Of Three-Dimensional Objects From Orthographic Views With Inconsistencies
* Rapid Regional Filling Technique For Complex Binary Images, A
* Spectral Analysis For Automatic 3-D Texture Generation
* Surface Interrogation Methods
* Survey Of Constraint Satisfaction Techniques For Geometric Modeling, A
* System For Modelling And Visualization Of Cloth Material, A
* Transformation Of Digital Images By Discrete Affine Applications
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C&G(20) * 2 1 2-D Hierarchical Model Based On Planar Maps, A
* Computer Graphics Literature For 1985: A Bibliography
* Extensions Of Sweep Surface Constructions
* Finite State Transformations Of Images
* Model For Animating The Motion Of Cloth, A
* Model For Compression And Classification Of Face Data Structures, A
* Octree Encoding Of B-Rep Based Objects
* Procedural Method For Terrain Surface Interpolation
* Rwm-Cut For Color Image Quantization
* Script-Based Facial Gesture And Speech Animation Using A Nurbs Based Face Model
* Shape From Shading With Perspective Projection And Camera Calibration
* Using Real Functions With Application To Hair Modeling
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C&G(21) * Animation Of Stochastic Motion Of 3-D Cloth Objects
* Architecture For High-Performance 2-D Image Display, An
* Correct Rule-Based Geometric Constraint Solver, A
* Edge Detection And Edge-Preserved Compression For Error-Diffused Images
* Faster Apparent Three Dimensional Rotation Using Parallel Projection Perpendicular To The Xy Plane
* Finger Mouse And Gesture Recognition System As A New Human Computer Interface
* Geometrical, Topological, And Hierarchical Structuring Of Overlapping 2-D Discrete Objects
* Modeling Water For Computer Graphics
* Movable Jaw Model For The Human Face, A
* Physically Based Simulation Of Water Currents And Waves
* Reconstructing A 3-D Structure With Multiple Deformable Solid Primitives
* Solid Reconstruction From Orthographic Opaque Views Using Incremental Extrusion
* Spring Force Formulation For Elastically Deformable Models, A
* Structure Modeling And Context-Free Grammar: Exploring A New Approach For Surface Boundary Construction
* Study And Application Of Physics-Based Deformable Curves And Surfaces
* Volume-Preserving Space Deformation
* Wavelet Based Texture Segmentation Of Multi-Modal Tomographic Images
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C&G(8) * Computer Graphics On A Hexagonal Grid
* Constructing The Solid Representation From Engineering Projections
* Defining C (1) Curves Containing Conic Segments
* Digital Image Registration By Sequential Analysis
* Hierarchical Structure For Surface Approximation, A
* Interpretation Of An Axonometric Projection Of A Polyhedron
* Interpretation Of Freehand Drawings For Mechanical Design Processes
* Introduction To Solid Modeling, An
* Pattern-Directed Restoration And Vectorization Of Digitized Engineering Drawings
* Perspective Mapping Of Planar Textures
* Previewing Techniques In Reaster Graphics
* Semiautomatic Three-Dimensional Interpretation Of Line Drawings
* Solid Modeling And System Design
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C&G(9) * Algorithms For Antialiased Cast Shadows
* Analytical Visibility Method For Displaying Parametrically Defined Surfaces, An
* Computer Graphics And Computer Vision-Some Unifying And Discriminating Features
* Computer Graphics Generated From The Iteration Of Algebraic Transformations In The Complex Plane
* Efficient Algorithms For Automatic Viewer Orientation
* Integrity Filter For Recursive Subdivision Meshes, An
* Octree Data Structures And Perspective Imagery
* Parallel Processing Approaches To Hidden-Surface Removal In Image Space
* Ray Tracing Objects Defined By Sweeping A Sphere
* Sam-Animation Software For Simulating Articulated Motion
* Solid Modeling For Architectural Design Using Octpaths
* Texture Synthesis Techniques For Computer Graphics
* Textures For Realistic Image Synthesis
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