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CA(85) * Data Compression: Techniques And Applications, Lifetime Learning Publications, Belmont

CA(87) * Introduction To The Use Of Splines In Computer Graphics And Geometric Modeling, Morgan Kaufmann, Los Altos, An

CA(88) * Interpretation Of Visual Motion: A Computational Study, Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo
* Local And Global Interpretation Of Moving Images, Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo
* Probabilistic Reasoning In Intelligent Systems: Networks Of Plausible Inference, Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo
* Tilings And Patterns, Freeman, San Francisco

CA(89) * Geometric And Solid Modeling: An Introduction, Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo

CA(91) * Introduction To Parallel Algorithms And Architectures: Arrays, Trees, And Hypercubes, Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo

CA(92) * Geometry Of Computer Graphics, Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole, Monterey, The
* Optic Flow Computation: A Unified Perspective, Ieee Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos
* Pattern Recognition And Machine Learning, Academic Press, San Diego
* Visual Perception-The Neurophysiological Foundations, Academic Press, San Diego

CA(94) * Artificial Intelligence And Neural Networks-Steps Toward Principled Integration, Academic Press, San Diego
* Morphological Image Operators, Academic Press, San Diego
* Principles Of Digital Image Synthesis, Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco

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