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CACM(27) * Algorithm Design Techniques
* Comment On Quad- And Octtrees
* Efficient Nesting Of Congruent Convex Figures
* Fast Parallel Algorithm For Thinning Digital Patterns, A
* Improved Solution To The Traveling Salesman Problem With Thousands Of Nodes, An
* Null-Object Detection Algorithm For Constructive Solid Geometry, A
* Virtual Memory System For Picture Processing, A
* Weighted Median Filter, The
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CACM(28) * Data Compression Using Static Huffman Code-Decode Tables

CACM(4012) * Guest Ed., [Special Section On] Visual Information Management
* In Search Of Information In Visual Media
* Managing Multimedia Information In Database Systems
* Retrieving And Visualizing Video
* Video Abstracting
* Visual Information Retrieval From Large Distributed Online Repositories

CACM(405) * Visual Information Retrieval

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