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CAIA(84) * 3d Vision System: Generating And Matching Shape Descriptions In Range Images, A
* Acronym Model Based Vision In The Intelligent Task Automation Project
* Algorithm For Grammatical Inference, An
* Analogical And Propositional Representations Of Structure In Neurological Diagnosis
* Angy: A Rule-Based Expert System For Identifying And Isolating Coronary Vessels In Digital Angiograms
* Automatic Path Planning For A Mobile Robot Using A Mixed Representation Of Free Space
* Cognitive Aid For Exploring High-Dimensional Structures, A
* Computational Framework For Hypothesis Based Reasoning And Its Applications To Perspective Analysis, A
* Computer Vision Algorithms Used In Recognition Of Occluded Objects
* Connected Line Drawing Extraction From A Perspective View Of A Polyhedron
* Converging Approaches To Extracting Structure From Motion: Psychophysical And Computational Investigations Of Recovering Connectivity From Moving Point-Light Displays
* Design Of A Knowledge-Based System For Understanding Electronic Circuit Diagrams
* Detection Of Moving Edges
* Diagnostic Inferences From Image Sequences -- A Knowledge Based Approach
* Discrete Relaxation On Snap
* Estimating 3-D Motion From Range Data
* Expert System For Electronics Troubleshooting Based On Function And Connectivity, An
* Expert System For Object Recognition In Natural Scenes, An
* Geometric Matcher For Recognizing And Positioning 3-D Rigid Objects, A
* Gradient-Based Estimation Of Optical Flow With Global Optimization
* Image Understanding Via Texture Analysis
* Knowledge Based Robotic Vision System, A
* Knowledge-Based Pilot For An Intelligent Mobile Autonomous System
* Low Level Motion Events: Trajectory Discontinuities
* Motion Understanding Meets Early Vision: An Introduction
* Multi-Spectral Image Analysis System
* Natural Language Access To Image Sequences: Event Recognition And Verbalization
* Navigation For An Intelligent Mobile Robot
* Object Recognition Using Oriented Model Points
* On Combining Stereopsis And Kineopsis For Space Perception
* On The Orthogonal Expansion Of Images For Low Level Recognition. Fourier-Bessel Representation.
* Optimal Search Procedures For 3d Human Movement Determination
* Parameterization Of Planar Contours For Elliptic Decomposition And Determination Of Affine Transforms
* Range Data Extraction And Interpretation By Structural Light
* Reconstructing The Optic Flow Field From Edge Motion: An Examination Of Two Different Approaches
* Reconstruction Of A Scene From Two Projections -- Configurations That Defeat The 8-Point Algorithm, The
* Rigid Body Motion And The Optic Flow Image
* Route Planning System For An Autonomous Vehicle, A
* Some Origins Of Structure In The Human Perception Of Moving Optical Patterns
* Terrain Map Knowledge Representation For Spatial Planning
* Three-Dimensional Matching Using Range Data
* Vision For Autonomous Navigation
* Visual Components Of An Automated Inspection Task, The
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CAIA(85) * Dynamic Programming In The Recognition Of Connected Handwritten Script
* Finding Simple Routes: ``Ease Of Description'' As An Objective Function In Automated Route Selection
* Finding Trajectories Of Feature Points In A Monocular Image Sequence
* Hierarchical Evidence
* Homogeneous Architecture For Knowledge Based Image Understanding Systems, A
* How To Do With Probabilities What People Say You Can'T
* Inexact Reasoning In Expert Systems: A Stochastic Parallel Network Approach
* Intelligent Pilot For An Autonomous Vehicle System, An
* Knowledge Representation For Roving Robots, A
* Learned Navigation Paths For A Robot In Unexplored Terrain
* Low Level Learning For A Mobile Robot: Environment Model Acquisition
* Mission Planning For An Autonomous Vehicle
* Recognition Of 3-D Objects Via Spatial Understanding Of 2-D Images
* Role Of Ai In Computer Vision, The
* Rule-Based System For Improving On Image Segmentation, A
* Symbolic Stereo From Structural Descriptions
* Three Dimensional Shape Reconstruction From Image By Minimum Energy Principle
* Validation Of A Multivariate Specified Pictorial Pattern Class Description For Completeness By Evaluation Of Random Generated Instances
* Word Shape Analysis In A Knowledge-Based System For Reading Text
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