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CG&A(15) * Delaunay Triangulation In Three Dimensions
* Generating Extraterrestrial Terrain
* Image Warping With Scattered Data Interpolation
* Manipulating Facial Appearance Through Shape And Color
* Model-Based Analysis Of Hand Posture
* Nonmanifold Topology Based On Coupling Entities
* Shape Blending Using The Star-Skeleton Representation
* Simulating Dust Accumulation
* Vector Field Animation With Texture Maps
* Voronoi Diagrams For Planar Shapes
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CG&A(16) * Animating Human Locomotion With Inverse Dynamics
* Computer Graphics Techniques For Modeling Cloth
* Fuzzy Approach To Digital Image Warping, A
* Texram: A Smart Memory For Texturing

CG&A(171) * Going The Distance

CG&A(173) * Animals With Anatomy
* Faking Dynamics Of Ropes And Springs
* Guest Ed., [Special Section On] Shape And Motion Modeling
* Real-Time Fluid Simulation In A Dynamic Virtual Environment
* Shape Synthesizer, A

CG&A(18) * Computer Vision For Interactive Computer Graphics
* Engineering A Human Factor Based Geographic User Interface
* Guest Ed., [Special Issue On] Computer Graphics I/O Devices
* Guest Eds., [Special Issue:] Computer Animation For Virtual Humans
* Polymorph: Morphing Among Multiple Images

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