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CG(18) * Ed., Siggraph '84 Conference Proceedings (Minneapolis, Mn, July 23-27, 1984)
* Literature In Computer Graphics For The Year 1983: A Bibliography
* More Texts And Books In Computer Graphics
* Motion And Time-Varying Imagery
* Motion From Continuous Or Discontinuous Arrangements
* Motion Graphics: Description And Control
* Optical Flow
* Scope Of Motion Research: From Image Intensity To Semantic Abstractions, The
* Texts And Books In Computer Graphics (Third List)
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CG(25) * How To Make A Visually Realistic 3d Display
* Survey Of Computer Graphics Image Encoding And Storage Formats, A

CG(29) * Cantata: Visual Programming Environment For The Khoros System
* Object Oriented Visual Programming Language Toolkit, An
* Workshop On Standards For Facial Animation, A

CG(85) * Computational Geometry And Motion Planning
* Curve Similarity Via Signatures
* Display Of Visible Edges Of A Set Of Convex Polygons
* Expected Time Analysis Of Algorithms In Computational Geometry
* Framework For Computational Morphology, A
* Implementation Study Of Two Algorithms For The Minimum Spanning Circle Problem, An
* Isothetic View Of Computational Geometry, An
* Method For Proving Lower Bounds For Certain Geometric Properties, A
* Minimum Decompositions Of Polygonal Objects
* Movable Separability Of Sets
* On Geometric Algorithms That Use The Furthest-Point Voronoi Diagram
* Optimal Convex Decompositions
* Optimal Parallel Algorithms For Selection, Sorting, And Computing Convex Hulls
* Practical Use Of Bucketing Techniques In Computational Geometry
* Simple On-Line Algorithms For Convex Polygons
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CG(86) * Computing Convolutions By Reciprocal Search
* Csg Set-Theoretic Solid Modelling And Nc Machining Of Blend Surfaces
* Defect-Correction Algorithm For Minimizing The Volume Of A Simple Polyhedron Which Circumscribes A Sphere, A
* Deferred Data Structuring: Query-Driven Preprocessing For Geometric Search Problems
* Efficient Algorithm To Determine The Image Of A Parallelepiped Under A Linear Transformation, An
* Efficient Plane Sweeping In Parallel
* Epsilon-Nets And Simplex Range Queries
* Fast Heuristics For Minimum Length Rectangular Partitions Of Polygons
* Finding The Minimum Visible Vertex Distance Between Two Nonintersecting Simple Polygons
* Geometric Applications Of A Matrix Searching Algorithm
* Geometry Of Planar Graphs With Angles
* Hierarchical Representation Of Objects: The Delaunay Tree, An
* Implementing Watson'S Algorithm In Three Dimensions
* Linear Space Data Structures For Two Types Of Range Search
* Linear Time Algorithms For Visibility And Shortest Path Problems Inside Simple Polygons
* Minimally Covering A Horizontally Convex Orthogonal Polygon
* Moving A Polygon Around The Corner In A Corridor
* New Efficient Motion-Planning Algorithm For A Rod In Polygonal Space, A
* On Approximation Behavior And Implementation Of The Greedy Triangulation For Convex Planar Point Sets
* On Computing Simple Circuits On A Set Of Line Segments
* On Shortest Paths Amidst Convex Polyhedra
* On The Application Of Sheared Retrival To Orthogonal Range Queries
* Optimal Dynamic Solutions For Fixed Windowing Problems
* Optimum Watchman Routes
* Quadratic Bounds For Hidden-Line Elimination
* Scene Analysis And Geometric Homology
* Simple Divide-And-Conquer Algorithm For Constructing Delaunay Triangulations In O(N Log Log N) Expected Time, A
* Smoothing Of Polyhedral Models
* Storing The Subdivision Of A Polyhedral Surface
* Sweepline Algorithm For Voronoi Diagrams, A
* There Is A Planar Graph Almost As Good As The Complete Graph
* Triangulating Simplicial Point Sets In Space
* Two Algorithms For Polyhedral Pictures
* Worst-Case Optimal Algorithms For Constructing Visibility Polygons With Holes
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CG(87) * Algorithms For Line Transversals In Space
* All-Geodesic-Furthest Neighbors Problem For Simple Polygons, The
* Analyzing Surfaces: The Truth About Elimination Theory
* Blending Quadric Surfaces With Quadric And Cubic Splines
* Bucketing Algorithm For The Orthogonal Segment Intersection Search Pattern And Its Practical Efficiency, A
* Compliant Motion Planning With Geometric Models
* Computing Simple Circuits From A Set Of Line Segments Is Np-Complete
* Computing The Link Center Of A Simple Polygon
* Constrained Delaunay Triangulations
* Convergence, Similarity And Symmetries Of Geometric Objects
* Covering A Simple Orthogonal Polygon With A Minimum Number Of Orthogonally Convex Polygons
* Discrete Simulation Of Nc Machining
* Establishing Order In Planar Subdivisions
* Fast Algorithms For Computing The Largest Empty Rectangle
* Finding The Visibility Graph Of A Simple Polygon In Time Proportional To Its Size
* Graph-Based Approach To Object Feature Recognition, A
* Joint Triangulations And Triangulation Maps
* Jordan Sorting Via Convex Hulls Of Certain Non-Simple Polygons
* Moving A Ladder In Three Dimensions: Upper And Lower Bounds
* Note On Relative Neighborhood Graphs, A
* Numerical Stability Of Geometric Algorithms
* On Detecting The Orientation Of Polygons And Polyhedra
* On The Geodesic Voronoi Diagram Of Point Sites In A Simple Polygon
* On The Number Of Faces In Higher-Dimensional Voronoi Diagrams
* Optimal Algorithm For Constructing The Delaunay Triangulation Of A Set Of Line Segments, An
* Optimal O(Nlogn) Algorithm For Contour Reconstruction From Rays, An
* Optimal Shortest Path Queries In A Simple Polygon
* Parallel Processing For Efficient Subdivision Search
* Partitioning And Geometric Embedding Of Range Spaces Of Finite Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimension
* Polygon Properties Calculated From The Vertex Neighborhoods
* Primitives For The Manipulation Of Three-Dimensional Subdivisions
* Rectilinear Shortest Paths Through Polygonal Obstacles In O(Nlog2n) Time
* Simplified Voronoi Diagrams
* Simultaneous Containment Of Several Polygons
* Toughness And Delaunay Triangulations
* Variations On Visibility
* Weighted Region Problem, The
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CG(88) * Algebraic Methods For Non-Linear Computational Geometry
* Algorithms For Diametral Pairs And Convex Hulls That Are Optimal, Randomized, And Incremental
* Algorithms For Vertical And Orthogonal L<1> Linear Approximation Of Points
* Analysis Of A Simple Yet Efficient Convex Hull Algorithm
* Application Of Random Sampling In Computational Geometry, Ii
* Arrangements Of Lines In 3-Space: A Data Structure With Applications
* Automatic Motion Planning System For A Convex Polygonal Mobile Robot In 2-D Polygonal Space, An
* Clustering Algorithms Based On Minimum And Maximum Spanning Trees
* Complexity Of Many Faces In Arrangements Of Lines And Of Segments, The
* Complexity Of Planar Compliant Motion Planning Under Uncertainty, The
* Computing Euclidean Maximum Spanning Trees
* Coordinated Motion Planning For Two Independent Robots
* Covering Orthogonal Polygons With Star Polygons: The Perfect Graph Approach
* Design Of Linetool, A Geometric Editor, The
* Efficient Algorithms For Euclidean Shortest Path And Visibility Problems With Polygonal Obstacles
* Efficient Output-Sensitive Hidden-Surface Removal Algorithm And Its Parallelization, An
* Fast Las Vegas Algorithm For Triangulating A Simple Polygon, A
* Furthest-Site Geodesic Voronoi Diagram, The
* Geometric Consistency Theorem For A Symbolic Perturbation Scheme, A
* Globally-Equiangular Triangulations Of Co-Circular Points In O(N Log N) Time
* Hidden Surface Removal For Rectangles
* Implicitly Representing Arrangements Of Lines Or Segments
* Motion Planning In The Presence Of Movable Obstacles
* New Methods For Computing Visibility Graphs
* On Arrangements Of Jordan Arcs With Three Intersections Per Pair
* On Continuous Homotopic One Layer Routing
* On Maximum Flows In Polyhedral Domains
* On Planning Assemblies
* On The General Motion Planning Problem With Two Degrees Of Freedom
* Optimal Parallel Algorithms For Polygon And Point-Set Problems
* Partition Trees For Triangle Counting And Other Range Searching Problems
* Path Planning In 0/1/Oo Weighted Regions With Applications
* Quasi-Valid Range Querying And Its Implications For Nearest Neighbor Problems
* Recipes For Geometry And Numerical Analysis-Part I: An Empirical Study
* Red-Blue Intersection Detection Algorithms, With Applications To Motion Planning And Collision Detection
* Searching For Empty Convex Polygons
* Simulation Of Simplicity: A Technique To Cope With Degenerate Cases In Geometric Algorithms
* Skewed Projections With An Application To Line Stabbing In R[3]
* Towards Implementing Robust Geometric Computations
* Triangles In Space Or Building (And Analyzing) Castles In The Air
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CG(89) * Binary Partitions With Applications To Hidden-Surface Removal And Solid Modelling
* Compliant Motion In A Simple Polygon
* Computing The Geodesic Diameter Of A 3-Polytope
* Computing The Irreducible Real Factors And Components Of An Algebraic Curve
* Degree Complexity Bounds On The Intersection Of Algebraic Curves
* Efficient Algorithm For One-Step Planar Compliant Motion Planning With Uncertainty, An
* Efficient Motion Planning For An L-Shaped Object
* Hermite Interpolation Using Real Algebraic Surfaces
* Minimax Geometric Fitting Of Two Corresponding Sets Of Points
* On Geometric Matching
* On Monotone Paths Among Obstacles, With Applications To Planning Assemblies
* Placing The Largest Similar Copy Of A Convex Polygon Among Polygonal Obstacles
* Representing Geometric Structures In D Dimensions: Topology And Order
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