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CGA 8() * Guest Ed., Selections From Graphics Interface 88
* Guest Eds., Using Color In Computer Graphics

CGA 9() * Guest Eds., Graphics For Robotics And Cad/Cam/Cim Planning

CGA(10) * Accurate Rendering By Subpixel Addressing
* Adaptive Polygonalization Of Implicitly Defined Surfaces
* Antialiasing Scan-Line Data
* Automatic Tension Adjustment For Interpolatory Splines
* Bezier Surface/Surface Intersection
* Computer Modeling Of Surfaces With Arbitrary Shapes
* Computing The Arc Length Of Parametric Curves
* Conformal Image Warping
* Geometric Continuity Of Parametric Curves: Constructions Of Geometrically Continuous Splines
* Hybrid Ray Tracer For Rendering Polygon And Volume Data, A
* Investigation Of Medical 3d-Rendering Algorithms
* Line-Drawing Algorithms For Parallel Machines
* Note On Ray Tracing Mirages, A
* Note On The Use Of Nonlinear Filtering In Computer Graphics, A
* Parallelization Of Bresenham'S Line And Circle Algorithms
* Radiosity Redistribution For Dynamic Environments
* Ray Tracing With Polarization Parameters
* Realistic Lighting Model For Computer Animators, A
* Recognizing Shape Features In Solid Models
* Registration Of 3d Objects And Surfaces
* Renderman: Pursuing The Future Of Graphics
* Set Models And Boolean Operations For Solids And Assemblies
* Survey Of Shadow Algorithms, A
* Techniques For Cubic Algebraic Surfaces
* Techniques For Cubic Algebraic Surfaces
* Truth About Texture Mapping, The
* Visibility Determination On Projected Grid Surfaces
* Volumetric Rendering Of Computed Tomography Data: Principles And Techniques
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CGA(11) * Complex Models For Animating Synthetic Actors
* Dithering For K-Bit True-Color Graphics
* Editable Nonmanifold Boundary Representation, An
* Efficient Bounds In Constructive Solid Geometry
* Front-To-Back Display Of Bsp Trees
* Function Plotting Using Cubic Splines
* Guest Ed., Special Section: Visualizing Complexity
* Hardware-Assisted Polygon Antialiasing
* On Nurbs: A Survey
* Parallel Boxing In B-Spline Intersection
* Pixel-Selected Ray Tracing
* Requirements For The First International Imaging Standard
* Speeding Up Bresenham'S Algorithm
* Surface Coding Based On Morse Theory
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CGA(12) * Approximation By Interval Bezier Curves
* Breaking The Frame-Buffer Bottleneck With Logic-Enhanced Memories
* Color Scales For Image Data
* Data Reduction Using Cubic Rational B-Splines
* Direct Visualization Of Volume Data
* Discontinuity Meshing For Accurate Radiosity
* Discrete Ray Tracing
* Distance Field Manipulation Of Surface Models
* Extensions Of The Linear And Area Lighting Models
* From Conics To Nurbs: A Tutorial And Survey
* Geometric Substitution: A Tutorial
* Guest Eds., Semiconductor Technology For Graphics And Imaging
* Image Chip For High Performance 3d Rendering, The
* Locally Manipulating The Geometry Of Curved Surfaces
* Monolithic Architectures For Image Processing And Compression
* Parametric Surface Interpolation
* Perceiving Spatial Relationships
* Shape-Based Interpolation
* Single-Chip Multiprocessor For Multimedia: The Mvp, A
* Solid Modeling And Beyond
* Surface Interrogation Algorithms
* Trigonal Prism-Based Method For Hair Image Generation, A
* Tutorial: Time-Multiplexed Stereoscopic Computer Graphics
* Voronoi Diagrams Of Set-Theoretic Solid Models
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CGA(13) * Algebra Of Geometric Shapes, An
* Automatic Creation Of 3d Facial Models
* Hierarchical Schemes For Curve Representation
* Tone Reproduction For Realistic Images

CGA(14) * Bending And Creasing Virtual Paper
* Constructive Shell Representations For Freeform Surfaces And Solids
* Generative Geometric Design
* Guest Eds., Solid Modeling (Papers From The Acm/Ieee Second Symposium On Solid Modeling And Applications, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 19-21, 1993)
* Modeling With Triangular B-Splines
* More Powerful Solid Modeling Through Ray Representations
* Rasterizing Algebraic Curves And Surfaces
* Volume-Sampled 3d Modeling
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CGA(4) * 3-D Graphics Display System With Depth Buffer And Pipeline Processor, A
* Algorithm For Locating And Displaying The Intersection Of Two Arbitrary Surfaces, An
* Comprehensive Light Source Description For Computer Graphics, A
* Description Of Various 3-D Models, A
* Efficient Ellipse-Drawing Algorithm, An
* Fractal Landscape Modeling Using Octrees
* Generalized Object Display Processor Architecture, A
* Generating Soft Shadows With A Depth Buffer Algorithm
* Geomap-Iii: Designing Solids With Free-Form Surfaces
* High-Speed Manipulation Of The Color Chromaticity Of Digital Images
* Interval Methods For Processing Geometric Objects
* Lazy Evaluation Of Geometric Objects
* Mathematical Extrusions
* New Approach To Text And Image Processing, A
* New Systems Improve Picture Quality And Performance
* Octree-Related Data Structures And Algorithms
* Offsets Of Two-Dimensional Profiles
* Set-Theoretic Volume Model Evaluation And Picture-Plane Coherence
* Shaded Display Of Digital Maps
* Smooth Surface Based On Biquadratic Patches, A
* Space Subdivision For Fast Ray Tracing
* Symbolic Method For Calculating The Integral Properties Of Arbitrary Nonconvex Polyhedra, A
* Unified Algorithm For Boolean Shape Operations, A
* Using Interactive Graphics For Fitting Surfaces To Scattered Data
* Using Stochastic Modeling For Texture Generation
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CGA(5) * 3d Reconstruction Of Cerebral Blood Vessels
* B-Spline Surfaces: A Tool For Computer Painting
* Background And Source Information About Computer Graphics
* Beta2-Spline: A Special Case Of The Beta-Spline Curve And Surface Representation, The
* Building An Octree From A Set Of Parallelepipeds
* Combinatorial Analysis Of Boundary Data Structure Schemata, A
* Edge-Based Data Structures For Solid Modeling In Curved-Surface Environments
* Euler Formulas And Geometric Modeling
* Frame Buffer Algorithms For Stochastic Models
* Generation Of Topological Boundary Representations From Octree Encoding
* Guest Eds., Art And Animation
* Hierarchical Data Structure For Representing The Spatial Decomposition Of 3-D Objects, A
* Hierarchy Of Geometric Forms, A
* Image Analysis Of Brain Physiology
* Indexed Bibliography On Computer Animation, An
* Interactive Recognition Of Handprinted Characters For Computer Input
* Interfaces For Data Transfer Between Solid Modeling Systems
* Method Of Representing The Solid Design Process, A
* On An Efficient General Line-Clipping Algorithm
* Overview Of Analytic Solid Modeling, An
* Scan Conversion Of Regions Bounded By Parabolic Splines
* Steiner Surface Patches
* Surface Shading In The Cuberille Environment
* Sweep-To-Csg Conversion Using Pattern Recognition Techniques
* Three-Dimensional Computer Animation: More An Evolution Than A Motion Problem
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CGA(6) * Algebraic Geometry For Computer-Aided Geometric Design
* Arts: Accelerated Ray-Tracing System
* Boolean Operations On N-Dimensional Objects
* Computer-Aided Neuroanatomy: Differential Geometry Of Cortical Surfaces And An Optimal Flattening Algorithm
* Depth-Buffering Display Techniques For Constructive Solid Geometry
* Descriptive Contour Fill Of Partly Degenerated Shapes
* Display Of Density Volumes
* Efficient Radiosity Approach For Realistic Image Synthesis, An
* Environment Mapping And Other Applications Of World Projections
* General Version Of Crow'S Shadow Volumes, A
* Geometric Modelling For Swept Volume Of Moving Solids
* Light Buffer: A Shadow-Testing Accelerator, The
* Nonaliasing, Real-Time Spatial Transform Technique, A
* Parametric Spline Curves And Surfaces
* Sculptured Surfaces In Solid Models: Issues And Alternative Approaches
* Space Division For Ray Tracing In Csg
* Surface Analysis Methods
* Survey Of Statistics Mapping
* Tour Of Computer Graphics In Japan
* Two-Part Texture Mappings
* Undo And Redo Operations For Solid Modeling
* Viewing Transformations Of Voxel-Based Objects Via Linear Octrees
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CGA(7) * Algorithm For Geometric Set Operations Using Cellular Subdivision Techniques, An
* Ambiguities In Incremental Line Rastering
* Analysis Of Tension Methods For Convexity-Preserving Interpolation, An
* Automatic Creation Of Object Hierarchies For Ray Tracing
* C1 Quadtree Interpolation Over Arbitrary Point Sets
* Conic Representations For Shape Description
* Control-Point-Based Sweeping Technique, A
* Convexity-Preserving Grid Refinement Algorithm For Interpolation Of Bivariate Functions, A
* Digitizer Technology: Performance Characteristics And The Effects On The User Interface
* Direction Of Synthetic Actors In The Film Rendez-Vous A Montreal, The
* Extended Rounding Operation For Modeling Solids With Free-Form Surfaces, An
* Fast Perspective Views Of Images Using One-Dimensional Operations
* Feasibility Of A Vlsi Chip For Ray Tracing Bicubic Patches, The
* Fourier Synthesis Of Ocean Scenes
* Free-Form Solid Modeling With Trimmed Surface Patches
* Generalized Scanning Technique For Display Of Parametrically Defined Surfaces, A
* Hierarchical Representations Of 2d/3d Gray Scale Images And Their 2d/3d Two-Way Conversion
* How Many Ways Can You Draw A Circle?
* Indexed Bibliography On Image Synthesis, An
* Infinite Control Points-A Method For Representing Surfaces Of Revolution Using Boundary Data
* Interactive Data Interpolation By Rational Bezier Curves
* Machine Understanding Of Csg: Extraction And Unification Of Manufacturing Features
* On The Parameters Of Human Visual Performance: An Investigation Of The Benefits Of Antialiasing
* Parametric-Space-Based Scan-Line Algorithm For Rendering Bicubic Surfaces, A
* Realism In Computer Graphics: A Survey
* Screen-Area Coherence For Interactive Scanline Display Algorithms
* Solid Texturing Of Soft Objects
* Stereo Animation For Very Large Databases: Case Study-Meteorology
* Toward Automatic Motion Control
* Vector And Raster Hidden-Surface Removal Using Parallel Connected Strips
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CGA(8) * Accurate Solid Modeling Using Polyhedral Approximations
* Analysis Of Quadric-Surface-Based Solid Models
* Building, Visualizing, And Computing On Surfaces Of Evolution
* Display Of Surfaces From Volume Data
* Eliminating Redundant Primitives From Set-Theoretic Solid Models By A Consideration Of Constituents
* Fractional Invisibility
* Hierarchical Data Structures And Algorithms For Computer Graphics
* Hierarchical Data Structures And Algorithms For Computer Graphics. Part I: Fundamentals
* Koch Curves As Attractors And Repellers
* Memory And Processing Architecture For 3d Voxel-Based Imagery
* Partitioning Polyhedral Objects Into Nonintersecting Parts
* Physically Based Models With Rigid And Deformable Components
* Spacetime Ray Tracing For Animation
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CGA(9) * Boundary Evaluation Using Inner And Outer Sets: The Isos Method
* Compositing Digital Images With Antialiasing And Various Shading Effects
* Curvature And The Fairness Of Curves And Surfaces
* Double-Step Generation Of Ellipses
* Efficient Three-Point Arc Algorithm, An
* Exploiting Coherence For Multiprocessor Ray Tracing
* Geometric Continuity Of Parametric Curves: Three Equivalent Characterizations
* Menagerie Of Rational B-Spline Circles, A
* Near Real-Time Csg Rendering Using Tree Normalization And Geometric Pruning
* Procedurally Representing Lofted Surfaces
* Pyramidal Data Structure For Triangle-Based Surface Description, A
* Robust Set Operations On Polyhedral Solids
* Shape Averaging And Its Applications To Industrial Design
* Simulation Of Cameras In Robot Applications
* Solid Modeling System For Robot Action Planning, A
* Spatial Transformations For Rapid Scan-Line Surface Shadowing
* Tension-Compatible Patch For Shape-Preserving Surface Interpolation, A
* Transparency And Antialiasing Algorithms Implemented With The Virtual Pixel Maps Technique
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