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CM(88) * Circular Separability Of Planar Point Sets
* Computational Complexity Of Restricted Polygon Decompositions
* Computing Monotone Simple Circuits In The Plane
* Computing The Relative Neighbour Decomposition Of A Simple Polygon
* Graph-Theoretic Primal Sketch, A
* Guard Placement In Rectilinear Polygons
* On Polygonal Chain Approximation
* On The Shape Of A Set Of Points
* Ortho-Convexity And Its Generalizations
* Polygonal Approximations Of A Curve-Formulations And Algorithms
* Realizability Of Polyhedrons From Line Drawings
* Symmetry Finding Algorithms
* Uniqueness Of Orthogonal Connect-The-Dots
* Voronoi And Related Neighbors On Digitized Two-Dimensional Space With Applications To Texture Analysis
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