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COMM. ACM 32() * Guest Ed., Special Section On Interactive Technology

COMM. ACM(28) * Data Structures For Quadtree Approximation And Compression
* P(2) Algorithm For Dynamic Calculation Of Quantiles And Histograms Without Storing Observations, The

COMM. ACM(29) * Comment On ``A Fast Parallel Algorithm For Thinning Digital Patterns'', A
* Impact Of Robotics On Computer Science, The
* Locally Adaptive Data Compression Scheme, A
* Planar Point Location Using Persistent Search Trees
* Tid-A Translation Invariant Data Structure For Storing Images

COMM. ACM(30) * Adjacency Detection Using Quadcodes
* Computing Multi-Colored Polygonal Masks In Pipeline Architectures And Its Application To Automated Visual Inspection
* Improved Parallel Thinning Algorithm, An
* Quadcode And Its Arithmetic, The

COMM. ACM(31) * Computer Graphics Tools For The Study Of Minimal Surfaces
* Computing With Structured Connectionist Networks
* Connectionist Expert Systems
* Content-Based Retrieval In Digital Libraries
* Equivalence Of The Subregion Representation And The Wall Representation For A Certain Class Of Rectangular Dissections, The
* Pattern Formation And Chaos In Networks
* Ray Tracing Jell-O Brand Gelatin
* Thinning Algorithm By Contour Generation, A
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COMM. ACM(32) * Fast Parallel Thinning Algorithms: Parallel Speed And Connectivity Preservation
* Parallel Thinning With Two-Subiteration Algorithms
* Technique For Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching, A
* Volume Rendering
* Volume Rendering Versus Surface Rendering

COMM. ACM(33) * Very Fast Substring Search Algorithm, A

COMM. ACM(34) * Guest Ed., Digital Multimedia Systems
* Intelligent Real-Time Control Of Robotic Vehicles

COMM. ACM(35) * Spatial Machines: A More Realistic Approach To Parallel Computation

COMM. ACM(36) * Cm-5 Connection Machine: A Scalable Supercomputer, The

COMM. ACM(37) * Computer Vision Applications
* New Technologies And Applications In Robotics

COMM. PURE APPL. MATH.(36) * On The ``Piano Movers'' Problem .1. The Case Of A Two-Dimensional Rigid Polygonal Body Moving Amidst Polygonal Barriers

COMP. J.(36) * Constant Time Algorithm For Template Matching On A Reconfigurable Array Of Processors

Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications(8) * Computing The Shortest Watchtower Of A Polyhedral Terrain In On Log N Time

Computer (28) * Guest Eds., (Special Section On) Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems

COMPUTER 21() * Guest Ed., Artificial Neural Systems

COMPUTER 22() * Guest Ed., Robotics And Automation
* Guest Ed., Visualization In Scientific Computing
* Guest Eds., Autonomous Intelligent Machines

COMPUTER GRAPHICS 21() * Visualization In Scientific Computing

COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM(10) * Cross-Indexed Guide To The Ray Tracing Literature, A

COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM(8) * Computer Graphics And Computer-Aided Design Literature: A Keyword-Indexed Bibliography For The Year 1988

COMPUTER GRAPHICS(19) * Literature In Computer Graphics For The Year 1984: A Bibliography
* Texts And Books In Computer Graphics (Fourth List)

COMPUTER GRAPHICS(20) * Computational Geometry Column, The

COMPUTER GRAPHICS(21) * Computational Geometry Column #2, The
* Computational Geometry Column #3
* Computer Graphics Literature For 1986: A Bibliography

COMPUTER GRAPHICS(22) * Computational Geometry Column #4, The
* Dissertation Abstracts In Computer Graphics

COMPUTER GRAPHICS(23) * Computational Geometry Column #3, The
* Dissertation Abstracts In Computer Graphics

COMPUTER GRAPHICS(26) * Updated Cross-Indexed Guide To The Ray-Tracing Literature, An

COMPUTER J. (37) * Guest Eds., Special Issue: Spatial Data

COMPUTER J.(26) * Operations On Quadtree Leaves And Related Image Areas

COMPUTER J.(27) * Aid To Pattern Recognition. Part 2., An
* Compressed Quad Trees
* Consistency In Point-In-Polygon Tests

COMPUTER J.(35) * Parallel Solution To The Approximate String Matching Problem, A

Computer J.(39) * Logical Image Modelling And Retrieval

Computer J.(40) * Scalable And Efficient Algorithm For Computing The City Block Distance Transform On Reconfigurable Meshes, A

COMPUTER(17) * Case Study In Applied Algorithm Design, A
* Cellular Vlsi Architecture, A
* Digital Type Manufacture: An Interactive Approach
* Interactive Computer Graphics
* Interfacing Solid Modeling To Cad And Cam: Data Structures And Algorithms For Decomposing A Solid
* Pattern Recognition And Computer Vision
* Technique For High-Performance Data Compression, A
* Top-Down Construction Of 3-D Mechanical Object Shapes From Engineering Drawings
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COMPUTER(18) * Chinese/Kanji Text And Data Processing
* Computer Recognition Of Two Overlapping Parts Using A Single Camera
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Multiprocessing Technology
* Reconfiguration Strategies For Parallel Architectures

COMPUTER(20) * Cad Model-Based Localization Of Parts In Manufacturing
* Cad System Based On Spherical Dual Representations, A
* Cad-Based 3d Object Representation For Robot Vision
* Connectionist Architectures For Artificial Intelligence
* Model-Based Programming And Control Of Robot Manipulators
* Model-Based Strategy Planning For Recognizing Partially Occluded Parts
* Prediction-Based Vision For Robot Control
* Spatial-Light-Modulator Interconnected Computers
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COMPUTER(21) * Architecture And Applications Of The Connection Machine
* Art Of Adaptive Pattern Recognition By A Self-Organizing Neural Network, The
* Computing Motion Using Analog And Binary Resistive Networks
* Computing With Structured Neural Networks
* Neural Nets For Adaptive Filtering And Adaptive Pattern Recognition
* Neural Network For Visual Pattern Recognition, A
* Pc As A Graphics Engine, The
* Self-Organization In A Perceptual Network
* Titan Graphics Supercomputer Architecture, The
* Vlsi Implementation Of A Neural Network Model
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COMPUTER(22) * Abingdon Cross Benchmark Survey, The
* Algorithmic Framework For Learned Robot Navigation In Unknown Terrains
* Algorithmic Motion Planning In Robotics
* Ambler-An Autonomous Rover For Planetary Exploration
* Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation And Learning
* Building An Environment Model Using Depth Information
* Declarative Approach To Visualizing Concurrent Computations, A
* Guest Eds., Image Database Management
* Isr: A Database For Symbolic Processing In Computer Vision
* Knowledge-Based Computer Vision-Integrated Programming Language And Data Management System Design
* Object Model For Image Recognition, An
* Problems Of Accuracy And Robustness In Geometric Computation, The
* Specification Of Spatial Integrity Constraints In Pictorial Database
* Task-Level Planning Of Pick-And-Place Robot Motions
* Using Occupancy Grids For Mobile Robot Perception And Navigation
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COMPUTER(23) * Fundamentals Of Bar Code Information Theory
* Hierarchical Taxonomic System For Computer Architectures, A
* Image Processing On The Macintosh
* Intelligent Character Recognition
* Survey Of Parallel Computer Architectures, A
* Taxonomy Of Reconfiguration Techniques For Fault-Tolerant Processor Arrays, A

COMPUTER(24) * Autonomous Robotic Inspection And Manipulation

COMPUTER(25) * 3dp: A Processor Architecture For Three-Dimensional Applications, The
* Dynamic Control And Prototyping Of Parallel Algorithms For Intermediate- And High-Level Vision
* Effective Use Of Simd Parallelism In Low- And Intermediate-Level Vision
* Guest Eds., (Special Issue On) Document Analysis Systems
* Guest Eds., (Special Issue On) Parallel Processing For Computer Vision And Image Understanding
* Image Understanding Architecture: Exploiting Potential Parallelism In Machine Vision
* Image-Processing Software
* Mapping Computer-Vision-Related Tasks Onto Reconfigurable Parallel-Processing Systems
* Massively Parallel Model Matching-Geometric Hashing On The Connection Machine
* Model-Based Visual Feedback Control For A Hand-Eye Coordinated Robotic System
* Rochester Checkers Player-Multimodal Parallel Programming For Animate Vision, The
* Software Environment For Parallel Computer Vision, A
* Steps Toward Architecture-Independent Image Processing
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COMPUTER(27) * Displaying 3d Images: Algorithms For Single-Image Random-Dot Stereograms

Computer(28) * Automatic Indexing And Content-Based Retrieval Of Captioned Images
* Automating The Construction Of Large-Scale Virtual Worlds
* Chabot: Retrieval From A Relational Database Of Images
* Heterogeneous Multimedia Reasoning
* Query By Image And Video Content: The Qbic System
* Real-Time Image Processing On A Custom Computing Platform
* Similar-Shape Retrieval In Shape Data Management
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Computer(29) * Digital Library For Geographically Referenced Materials, A
* Guest Eds., (Special Section On) Neurocomputing: Motivation, Models, And Hybridization
* Intelligent Access To Digital Video: Informedia Project

Computer(307) * Vision-Based Vehicle Guidance

Computer(31) * Convergence Of Graphics And Vision, The

COMPUTERS & GRAPHICS(18) * Geometric Representation For Structural Analysis In Image Postprocessing

COMPUTING SURVEYS(16) * Parallel Graph Algorithms
* Quadtree And Related Hierarchical Data Structures, The
* Taxonomy Of Parallel Sorting, A

COMPUTING SURVEYS(17) * Three-Dimensional Object Recognition

COMPUTING SURVEYS(18) * Efficient Algorithms For Finding Maximum Matching In Graphs
* Model-Based Recognition In Robot Vision

COMPUTING SURVEYS(19) * Analysis Of Geometric Modeling In Database Systems, An
* Data Compression

COMPUTING SURVEYS(20) * Hierarchical Representations Of Collections Of Small Rectangles

COMPUTING SURVEYS(23) * Three-Dimensional Medical Imaging: Algorithms And Computer Systems
* Voronoi Diagrams-A Survey Of A Fundamental Geometric Data Structure

COMPUTING SURVEYS(24) * Computational Strategies For Object Recognition
* Gross Motion Planning-A Survey
* Machine Interpretation Of Cad Data For Manufacturing Applications

COMPUTING(31) * Applications Of A Two-Dimensional Hidden-Line Algorithm To Other Geometric Problems
* Software Specification Using Graph Grammars

COMPUTING(32) * Algorithms For Smoothing Data On The Sphere With Tensor Product Splines
* Determination Of The 3d Border By Repeated Elimination Of Internal Surfaces
* New Algorithm For Solving The Tree Isomorphism Problem, A
* Optimal Algorithm For Computing The Minimum Vertex Distance Between Two Crossing Convex Polygons, An

COMPUTING(33) * Efficient Evaluation Of Splines
* Eine Schnelle Mellin-Transformation
* Note On The Art Of Relaxation, A
* Optimal Parallel Algorithms For Computing Convex Hulls And For Sorting

COMPUTING(34) * Multivariate Rational Interpolation
* Sweep-Plane Algorithm For Computing The Euler Characteristic Of Polyhedra Represented In Boolean Form, A

COMPUTING(35) * Convex Spline Interpolants With Minimal Curvature
* Visible Surface Calculation For Complex Unstructured Polygonal Scenes

COMPUTING(36) * O(N) Bin-Packing Algorithm For Uniformly Distributed Data, An
* On A Circle Placement Problem
* On Some Union And Intersection Problems For Polygons With Fixed Orientations

COMPUTING(37) * Using Time Stamps For Storing And Addressing Extendible Arrays

COMPUTING(38) * Approximation Of A Set Of Points By A Grid
* Smooth Approximation Of Data On The Sphere With Splines

COMPUTING(39) * Hybrid Next-Fit Algorithm For The Two-Dimensional Rectangle Bin-Packing Problem

COMPUTING(40) * Region Approach For Computing Relative Neighbourhood Graphs In The L

Metric, The

COMPUTING(41) * Systolic Algorithms For Computational Geometry Problems-A Survey

COMPUTING(42) * General Data Structure For Image Analysis, A
* Integer Analysis Of Two-Dimensional Polygonal Objects
* Kernel System For Iconic Image Processing, A
* On Interpolation By Generalized Planar Splines I: The Polynomial Case
* Parallel Hermite Interpolation: An Algebraic Approach

COMPUTING(44) * Shape Preserving Histopolation Using Rational Quadratic Splines

COMPUTING(45) * Shortest Polygonal Paths In Space
* Systolic Computation Of Interpolating Polynomials
* Visually Continuous Quartics And Quintics

COMPUTING(46) * On Constructing The Relative Neighborhood Graphs In Euclidean K-Dimensional Spaces

COMPUTING(47) * Improvements On Printing Mice In Labyrinths
* Rational Biquadratic C<1> Splines In S-Convex Interpolation

COMPUTING(48) * Application Of V-Transform For Determining A Near-Optimal Path In The Presence Of Polyhedral Obstacles, The
* Convergence Rate Of The Sandwich Algorithm For Approximating Convex Functions, The
* Generating Nurbs Curves By Envelopes
* Positive, Monotone, And S-Convex C<1> Interpolation On Rectangular Grids

COMPUTING(52) * Constant-Time Hough Transform On The Processor Arrays With Reconfigurable Bus Systems

Computing(54) * Fast String Matching Algorithms For Run-Length Coded Strings

Computing(57) * Least-Squares Fitting By Circles
* Shape From Shading Using Three Images

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