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DCG 3() * Guest Ed., Special Issue: Acm Symposium On Computational Geometry, Waterloo

DCG(1) * Can You Cover Your Shadows?
* Covering A Square By Small Perimeter Rectangles
* Covering The Plane With Convex Polygons
* Densest Packing Of Translates Of The Union Of Two Circles
* Geometric Inequality And The Complexity Of Computing Volume, A
* Geometric Permutations And Common Transversals
* Halfspace Range Search: An Algorithmic Application Of K-Sets
* More On K-Sets Of Finite Sets In The Plane
* On The Union Of Jordan Regions And Collision-Free Translational Motion Amidst Polygonal Obstacles
* Random Polytopes In The D-Dimensional Cube
* Rectilinear Planar Layouts And Bipolar Orientations Of Planar Graphs
* Unified Approach To Visibility Representations Of Planar Graphs, A
* Voronoi Diagrams And Arrangements
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DCG(10) * Optimal Convex Hull Algorithm In Any Fixed Dimension, An

DCG(16) * Near-Quadratic Algorithm For Planning The Motion Of A Polygon In A Polygonal Environment, A
* Planar Rectifiable Curves Are Determined By Their Projections

DCG(17) * On Nearest-Neighbor Graphs

DCG(18) * Efficient Algorithm For Euclidean Shortest Paths Among Polygonal Obstacles In The Plane, An

DCG(19) * Nature And Meaning Of Perturbations In Geometric Computing, The
* Visibility With One Reflection

DCG(2) * Computing Convolutions By Reciprocal Search
* Computing The Volume Is Difficult
* Direction Trees
* Epsilon-Nets And Simplex Range Queries
* Finite Coverings By Translates Of Centrally Symmetric Convex Domains
* Linear Space Data Structures For Two Types Of Range Search
* Lower Bound For The Optimal Crossing-Free Hamiltonian Cycle Problem, A
* New Applications Of Random Sampling In Computational Geometry
* O(Nlogn) Algorithm For The Voronoi Diagram Of A Set Of Simple Curve Segments, An
* On The Number Of Critical Free Contacts Of A Convex Polygonal Object Moving In Two-Dimensional Polygonal Space
* Planning A Purely Translational Motion For A Convex Object In A Two Dimensional Space Using Generalized Voronoi Diagrams
* Power Law For The Distortion Of Planar Sets, A
* Steiner Minimal Trees On Sets Of Four Points
* Storing The Subdivision Of A Polyhedral Surface
* Triangulating Point Sets In Space
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DCG(20) * Distributions Of Distances And Triangles In A Point Set And Algorithms For Computing The Largest Common Point Sets
* Fitting A Set Of Points By A Circle
* Motion Planning In Enivironments With Low Obstacle Density
* Notes On The Complexity Of Exact View Graph Algorithms For Piecewise Smooth Algebraic Surfaces

DCG(3) * Computing The Link Center Of A Simple Polygon
* Congruence, Similarity, And Symmetries Of Geometric Objects
* Decomposition Theorem On Euclidean Steiner Minimal Trees, A
* Establishing Order In Planar Subdivisions
* Lower Bounds On Moving A Ladder In Two And Three Dimensions
* Nonobtuse Triangulation Of Polygons
* On The Complexity Of Polyhedral Separability
* Orthogonal Convex Skull Problem, The
* Planar Realizations Of Nonlinear Davenport-Schinzel Sequences
* Polygonizations Of Point Sets In The Plane
* Polyhedral Line Transversals In Space
* Separating Two Simple Polygons By A Sequence Of Translations
* Simplified Voronoi Diagrams
* Sylvester Theorem For Conic Sections, A
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DCG(4) * Algorithm For Reconstructing Convex Bodies From Their Projections, An
* Matroid On Hypergraphs, With Applications To Scene Analysis And Geometry, A
* On The General Motion-Planning Problem With Two Degrees Of Freedom
* Rectilinear Shortest Paths In The Presence Of Rectangular Barriers

DCG(5) * Diameter And Radius In The Manhattan Metric
* Efficient Binary Space Partitions For Hidden-Surface Removal And Solid Modeling
* Efficient Motion-Planning Algorithm For A Convex Polygonal Object In Two-Dimensional Polygonal Space, An
* Guest Ed., Special Issue-Acm Symposium On Computational Geometry (Saarbrucken, Frg, June 5-7, 1989)
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On The Complexity Of Arrangements

DCG(6) * Exact Algorithm For Kinodynamic Planning In The Plane, An
* Jordan Surface Theorem For Three-Dimensional Digital Spaces, A
* Special Issue-Acm Symposium On Computational Geometry

DCG(7) * Counting Facets And Incidences
* Euler Characteristic Is The Unique Locally Determined Numerical Homotopy Invariant Of Finite Complexes, The
* Motion Of A Short-Linked Robot Arm In A Square
* On The Difficulty Of Triangulating Three-Dimensional Nonconvex Polyhedra
* Polygon Triangulation In O(N Log Log N) Time With Simple Data Structures
* X-Rays Of Polygons

DCG(8) * Applications Of Random Sampling To On-Line Algorithms In Computational Geometry
* Guest Ed., Special Issue-Acm Symposium On Computational Geometry (North Conway, Nh, June 10-12, 1991)
* Nonuniqueness Results For X-Ray Problems With Point Sources

DCG(9) * Minimum Dissection Of A Rectangular Polygon With Arbitrary Holes Into Rectangles
* Representing Geometric Structures In D Dimensions: Topology And Order

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