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DIA(84) * Application Of Isiid: Arcs, Fillets, And Tangent Points Restoration In Digitized Line, An
* Application Of Isiid: Remote Sensing Observation Of Glaciers, An
* Approach To The Decomposition Of Complex Figures, An
* Artery Detection And Tracking In Coronary Angiography
* Bidimensional Fourier Transform Of Very Long Baseline Interferometry Data
* Computer Aided System For Interactive Definition Of Digital Image Interpretation, A
* Critical Analysis Of Remote Sensing Technology, A
* Current Problems In Astronomical Image Processing
* Detectability Enhancement Of Thermographic Data
* Detection Of Agricultural Areas In Tropical Regions
* Discriminating Between Stars And Galaxies In Vdgc Images
* Electromagnetic Effect Evaluation By Markovian Texture Analysis Of Nucleated Cells
* Esoteric Iterative Algorithms
* Iconics: Computer Aided Visual Communication
* Image Information Measures And Encoding Techniques
* Image Segmentation By Discrete Relaxation
* Implementation Of A Digital Filter Having Transfer Function Sinc U
* Impossible Figures: Illusion Of Spatial Interpretation Of Pictures
* Mathematical Method For Feature Extraction From Images, A
* Mimd Level Of The System Sy Mp A Ti Simulation And Performances Expected, The
* Multiresolution Image Representation
* Nonlinear Image Restoration With Phase Constraints
* Panel: ``Which Computer Architecture For Image Processing?''
* Parallel Image Processing: Uni- Or Bidimensional? Example: Romauld
* Project For Faint Object Discrimination In Astronomy, A
* Radar Image Processing For Remote Sensing
* Recognition And Location Of Mechanical Parts Using The Hough Technique
* Remote Sensing -- A View Of Integration
* Rest: A Powerful Element For Reconfigurable Processing Structure
* Scale-Invariant Image Filtering With Point And Line Symmetry
* Some Experiments In Parameter Encoding Of Video Signals
* System For The Analysis Of The Boundaries Of A Shape, A
* Three-Dimensional Description Of Objects And Dynamic Scene Analysis
* Track-Following Algorithm For Contour Lines Of Digital Binary Maps, A
* Vices And Virtues Of Image Parallel Machines
* Virtues Of Optimizing Edge Line Appearance Models
* Writer Recognition By Special Characters
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