Journals starting with iee

Iee * Iee Proceedings: Vision, Image And Signal Processing

IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY(Press) * Digital Image Warping

IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS MAGAZINE 8() * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Machine Vision And Image Understanding, (Papers From The Ieee Systems, Man, And Cybernetics Conference, Alexandria, Va, October 20-23, 1987)

IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS(12) * Survey Of Selective Fixation Control For Machine Vision, A

IEEE Expert (10) * Guest Ed., (Special Section On) Image Understanding

IEEE J. ROBOTICS AUTOMATION(1) * Automatic Visual Solder Joint Inspection
* Distance Functions And Their Application To Robot Path Planning In The Presence Of Obstacles
* Navigation For An Intelligent Mobile Robot
* Real-Time Gray-Scale Video Processing Using A Moment-Generating Chip

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine(146) * Past, Present, And Future Of Neural Networks For Signal Processing, The

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine(15) * Past, Present, And Future Of Image And Multidimensional Signal Processing, The

IEEE Software(12) * Image-Browser Taxonomy And Guidelines For Designers

IEEE TRANS. BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING 36() * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Neurosystems And Neuroengineering

IEEE TRANS. COMMUNICATIONS(35) * Adaptive Median Filtering For Impulse Noise Elimination In Real-Time Tv Signals
* Content-Driven Progressive Transmission Of Grey-Scale Images
* Sampling Of Bandpass Pyramids

IEEE TRANS. COMPUTERS(41) * Parallel Algorithms For Geometric Connected Component Labeling On A Hypercube Multiprocessor

IEEE TRANS. COMPUTERS(42) * Distortion Invariant Object Recognition In The Dynamic Link Architecture

IEEE TRANS. COMPUTERS(43) * Versatile Architecture For The Distributed Sensor Integration Problem, A

IEEE TRANS. FUZZY SYSTEMS(1) * Quantitative Analysis Of Properties And Spatial Relations Of Fuzzy Image Regions

IEEE TRANS. INFORMATION THEORY(32) * Modeling Of Two-Dimensional Random Fields By Parametric Cepstrum

IEEE TRANS. INFORMATION THEORY(33) * Two-Dimensional Dot Codes For Product Identification

IEEE TRANS. INFORMATION THEORY(38) * Chain Codes And Their Linear Reconstruction Filters
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Wavelet Transformations And Multiresolution Signal Analysis
* On The Reconstruction Aspects Of Moment Descriptors

IEEE TRANS. INFORMATION THEORY(39) * Valid Parameter Space For 2-D Gaussian Markov Random Fields

IEEE TRANS. KNOWLEDGE DATA ENGINEERING(4) * Unifying Approach To Iconic Indexing For 2-D And 3-D Scenes, A

IEEE TRANS. NEURAL NETWORKS(5) * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Evolutionary Computation

IEEE Trans. on Information Theory(43) * Two Strategies In The Problem Of Change Detection And Isolation

IEEE TRANS. ON PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS(2) * Job Scheduling In A Partitionable Mesh Using A Two-Dimensional Buddy System Partitioning Scheme

IEEE Trans. Parallel and Distributed Systems(7) * Square Meshes Are Not Optimal For Convex Hull Computation

IEEE TRANS. PARALLEL DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS(3) * Crossed Cube Architecture For Parallel Computation, The
* Sorting In Mesh Connected Multiprocessors

IEEE TRANS. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING(10) * Method For Improving String Pattern Matching Machines, A

IEEE TRANS. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING(11) * Autonomous Vehicle Control Using Ai Techniques
* Image Processing Language With Icon-Assisted Navigation, An

IEEE TRANS. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING(18) * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Neural Network Software And Systems

Ieee Transactions On Visualization And Computer Graphics * Ieee Transactions On Visualization And Computer Graphics

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