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IJIS(1) * Combination Of Evidence, The
* Fast Correlation Registration Method Using Singular Value Decomposition
* Intelligent Computer Vision System, An
* Object Recognition By Three-Dimensional Curve Matching
* Shape-From-Shading Using Multiple Light Sources

IJIS(11) * Design Of Large Intelligent Image Database Systems
* Hybrid Architecture For Shape Reconstruction And Object Recognition
* Using Geometrical Information For Accurate Scene Understanding In An Artificial Vision System

IJIS(12) * Fuzzy Logic Explains The Golden Proportion
* Note On A Fuzzy Measure Of Typicality, A
* Spatial Match Retrieval Based On Direction Signatures Using Multiple Key Hashing Schemes
* Visibility Inference Based On Spatial Knowledge Representation From Observer'S Perspective

IJIS(8) * Fuzzy Reasoning Approach To Similarity Evaluation In Image Analysis
* Guest Ed., Special Issue-Artificial Neural Networks
* Solving Tangram Puzzles: A Connectionist Approach

IJIST(5) * Differential And Semidifferential Invariant Signature Functions For Space Curve Recognition
* Motion And Structure From Line Correspondences: Some Further Results
* Part Segmentation From Stereo
* Simple Pinhole Camera Calibration

IJIST(7) * Critical Operations In Low-Level Human Vision

IJIST(8) * Fuzzy Rule-Based Image Processing
* Motion And Structure From Line Correspondencesunder Orthographic Projection

IJIST(9) * Advanced Image-Processing Technique For Real-Time Interpretation Of Ground-Penetrating Radar Images
* Automatic Mr-Pet Registration Algorithm
* Blockwise Relaxation Labeling Scheme And Its Application To Edge Detection In Cardiac Mr Image Sequences, A
* Cooperative Matching Paradigm For The Analysis Of Stereo Image Sequences
* Detection And Removal Of Anomalies In Digitized Animation Film
* Fast Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Image Registration On A Multiprocessing Digital Signal Processor
* Guest Ed., Special Issue: Image Sequence Processing
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Advanced Imaging Architectures And Applications
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Discrete Tomography
* Indexing Audiovisual Databases Through Joint Audio And Video Processing
* Quantitative Measurement Of Texture Orientation In Biomedical Images Using An Artificial Neural Network
* Tracking Severe Weather Storms In Doppler Radar Images
* Wavelet-Based Solution To Anisotropic Diffusion Equation For Edge Detection
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